17 Ludicrous Things We Used To Believe As Children

17 Ludicrous Things We Used To Believe As Children

Having a light on in the car whilst you’re driving gets you sent to prison right? … for life.



Whether you were a rebellious brat or a precious little cherub, we were all children at some stage in time. But for some of us being that young can feel like a very… very long time ago. It can be difficult to remember the specifics and even the bigger moments can tend to
merge together in our minds.
Despite us all being of different ages and backgrounds, there is one common theme- we will all have at some point believed things that we later know not to be true in the slightest. In fact, we can laugh ourselves silly at some of the so called ‘facts’ we used to wholeheartedly trust to be true.
Of course at such a tender age we were extremely gullible to all the little white lies our parents used to feed us… I used to be absolutely certain that if I ate enough carrots, then I’d never need night vision goggles as my eyes would be able to see anything. 
lies your parents told you
Well I was only 6 at the time after all. But it goes to show not everything is as exciting as it seems when you hit adulthood. So rather than dwell on the rude awakening that is growing up, let’s take a trip down a slightly bizarre version of memory lane.
Here I’ve compiled a hilarious mixture of some of the wackiest things that people used to believe as kids.
Can you relate to any of these?

1. The world used to be black and white

The world used to be a dark, lifeless and slightly depressing place. Well at least that’s what I thought when I was shown what films, photos or TV shows were like before the 1950’s.



2. ‘You are what you eat’

Anybody else take this completely literally? Did you ever think to yourself: “I quite like the idea of being a chocolate cake”, or alternatively were you alarmed at the thought of becoming a bowl of sloppy custard. Chances are you weren’t alone.

jim carrey asparagus GIF


3. ..So logically eating seeds would do the same thing

A fairly common one and definitely a great way to avoid eating fruit as a kid! My friends and I used to be terrified that when our moms put an apple in our lunchbox, they didn’t want us anymore and a plant would slowly grow in our stomachs until we eventually evolved into a tree. I took this even further by thinking that all the trees in the world were just people who had made the transition and the type of tree depended on the type of fruit you ate.


4. Sex means a lot of different things

Is it just kissing? Or when two people sleep next to each other? I used to think it was when two people danced together in private. This person had other ideas…

What if you needed to pee?

Oh, better to hold it in then..


5. And once you knew how sex worked, you thought it was for one thing and one thing only

My mom had sex twice and i’ll hear nothing more about it!


6. To be honest our entire anatomy was just a minefield of confusion

Makes sense when it comes out the other end.


7. Kissing someone was a binding contract

Thank god this never turned out to be true. You can only get pregnant when you’re happily married too… right?


8.  There’s an endless supply of money

The concept of a bank account goes over most children’s heads. I for one used to think that it was just one giant never-ending pot of money that you could take from as and when you pleased. So I could never understand why my mom regularly refused cash back, or only got out a certain amount at the ATM. Especially when I wanted something and she’d say “that’s too much”, cruel!


9. People used to work inside traffic lights

They would have little peepholes to be able to see when the traffic was building up, but they weren’t aloud to talk to people whilst working so you could never say ‘hi’. You wouldn’t want someones sacking to be on your conscience.

10. Sitcoms were just ordinary people living out their overly dramatic lives

I guess it never occurred to many people that it might be a bit weird for a camera to follow a family around all day whilst they carried out their day-to-day lives. Maybe you thought your existence was ultimately a bit boring because the people on TV always used to have so much going on every single day.

Image result for dramatic sitcom gif

It stepped up a notch when people were killed. Come to think of it that would have been pretty disturbing if true!


11. Teachers lived at school

Where did they sleep though? On the desk? It never really mattered, it was just strange when you would bump into them outside of school. Sometimes you’d feel bad for them if they left because you thought they were losing their home too.

Image result for hogwarts is my home trelawney gif

12. The moon was just baffling

It’s a soccer ball in the sky, perhaps it’s the sauce of all cheese on earth? It definitely follows us around.

I believed the moon only came out at night to prevent being melted by the sun. Because of this the moon and sun were sworn enemies and avoided each other at all costs. The first time a solar eclipse occurred I thought the two would collide, explode and we would all die. It doesn’t get more far fetched than that!



13. Fax machines were magic

Wait.. that’s not what happens?

14. Drink-driving laws were really strict

My parents were so cautious they only took their hand off the steering wheel to change gears.

15. Animals and aliens are the same thing

Animals can look pretty odd, especially when 1. You’ve never seen them before – and 2. They exist in an area of the world you aren’t familiar with yet. Take a look at the Blobfish!


Image result for blobfish gif


16. Police were the real bad guys

These days when the cops are speeding to the scene of a crime you can usually hear them before you see them. As soon as you do see them you immediately try and move out of their way and they charge off into the distance in pursuit of the ‘baddies’. But what if they were actually the criminals and they’re all in on it together? Think about it, how often do you actually see a car in front of them that they’re chasing. That was my logic and i’m still not sure to this day that it’s definitely not the case.

car chase police GIF


17. And finally…

It wasn’t just your parents that told a white lie or two…


Make sure to leave a comment if you can relate to any of these. I’d love to hear about any of your hilarious and wacky childhood beliefs, you never know someone might have thought the same!