17 Liars Who Got Brutally Called Out Online

17 Liars Who Got Brutally Called Out Online

Some people deserve everything that’s coming their way, and you see those folks on social media all the dang time.

They want you to believe that their life is perfect. That they’re doing way better than you, making more money and never slipping up. No, no, no, these never make mistakes! Everything that they say is good and true and right.

Most importantly, right. These folks are always right, and there’s nothing you can do to convince them otherwise.

That’s until one of these fine folks comes along. They’re not afraid to call out the BS of these jokers, and let me tell you now these losers were NOT prepared for their wrath.

So if you’ve ever wondered if people who brag and lie and generally be an online nuisance ever get a smackdown, we’re happy to report that they do!

Here are a bunch of our favorite people getting called out in the most brutal ways imaginable.

1. One of the main dangers of adding your boss as a friend on Facebook is if you’re a shirking waste of space

I guess this guy can now add that to his resume! Imagine telling your boss to ‘hop off your sh*t’! I’ve had some bosses in my time who would have fired me on the spot for less! Well now this guy has met his match, and I honestly couldn’t be happier about that.

2. This loser added 32 girls he’d met on Tinder into a group chat and… well, it did NOT go well for him!

I don’t exactly know what he thought this would achieve. Maybe he figured it was a great way to save time. Anyway, all it really did was mean that 32 less girls on Tinder wanted to date him. Way to thin out your options, guy!

3. Pro tip for when you’re selling stuff: don’t claim that it’s new when it isn’t, you’ll get found out

So now we have the pro tip out of the way, here’s a tip for dummies! If you’re trying to sell something as brand new and unused, don’t include a photo of you using that thing, ya freakin’ moron!

4. YouTubers will do anything for a couple hundred more views, even flat out lie

I guess this guy met his match in Tiger Air Australia. I’d like to think they had the Rocky music playing in the office when they sent this tweet calling out a grade A buffoon!

5. I have no idea who Dale Earnhardt Jr. is, but he definitely seems like one of the good guys to me!

I can’t believe the sheer nerve of these people, tagging the guy in a tweet that’s blatantly not true and then NOT expecting him to call them out on it! If it’s Dale’s word against a used car salesman… I know who I’m gonna freakin’ believe!

6. There was a beginner level attempt at catfishing… it did not succeed.

Even if you didn’t know that catfishing is trying to fool another person online into believing you’re someone that you’re not… you could probably tell that this guy was trying something stupid and got massively called out.

7. Why would you even lie about this sort of thing?

This guy had nothing to gain and everything to lose from this lie. So it’s not surprising that he comes out of this looking like a five-star idiot.

8. How stupid did the person who posted this think everybody is?

Whoever pointed this out is just saying what we were all thinking.

9. This person was trying to promote their totally not funny parody Twitter account on Tumblr… Tumblr did not take kindly to trying to be fooled

I’m just glad that all ended before it got out of hand. I’ve only read a few tweets and it was starting to get annoying already.

10. If you know literally anything about the internet, you’ll know that the American restaurant chain Wendy’s are complete savages on Twitter

So if you try to fool them, it’s not gonna end well for you, friend.

11. Every now and then, you see somebody on social media who can’t resist causing a little drama

I guess Samantha won’t be trying that again in a hurry!

12. This entitled numskull thought it was okay to crash out for a while in a doughnut shop… the manager did not.

Do people like this honestly think they’ve done nothing wrong? Is their brain wired differently to the rest of us or something?

13. This is quite a journey you’re about to go on, so strap in!

Sheesh, I’m exhausted, I’m going for a nap!

14. Well, at least one person hopes he feels better

Everybody else just hopes he gets to feeling a whole lot worse after reading these replies.

15. I guess the running theme so far is that some people just seem to crave attention

But sometimes they get it, and they wish they hadn’t.

16. If you’re complaining about being clingy…

Don’t be so clingy! Get wrecked, kid.

17. Finally, this pillar of the community

Yeah well at least I graduated, douchebag.