17 Creepy Photographs That Will Keep You Up At Night

17 Creepy Photographs That Will Keep You Up At Night

When we were younger, we were frightened of ghost, monsters hiding under our beds and in our closets, and werewolves and vampires lurking in every dark and creepy alley.

As we got older our fears developed into new ones. Your biggest fear shifts into something new, like the fear of losing everything, or the fear that life has no meaning and everything is pointless.

My biggest fear is a Friday night with no wine in the fridge! Oh the horror!

There are some people out there, however, who still have a bizarre fascination with things that go bump in the night, and those crooked smiles that peer out from under your bed.

These people share their creepy and dark fascination with their friends and family online.

While most people share family photos, a selfie with your friends, or accidentally sending a naughty photo to your office chat on Facebook- we’ve all been there, these people like to share the weird and wonderful with the whole world.

Obviously, not everyone wants to see these creepy photos on the internet. But because almost everyone has access to the internet, it becomes very easy to send and see these creepy photos.

From mysterious photos of strangers in the woods, to downright terrifying photo of a woman who was locked up for 25 years by her own mother!

Some of these photos are enough to give you nightmares.

Take a look at some of the creepiest photos the internet has to offer.

Try not to get too scared!

1. A photo of a recently deceased woman.

In the Victorian era, having your photograph taken was an honor, and something many people took seriously. But what if you died before your photo could be taken? 

Well, some families  paid to have a photograph taken of their recently deceased. It really want the most important photo of their (after) life!

2. The is the room of a murder victim.

This photo was taken in 1939. The doll belonged to a young child who was tragically murdered. But has anyone noticed how the doll looks like he’s waiting for his friend to come home?

3. Falling from the ceiling.

Some people say that this photo is simply the result of reusing film, resulting in two photos overlapping.

But if that’s true, you have to admit that it’s still very creepy!

4. Footprints in an abandoned nuclear reactor.

If it wasn’t  for the barefoot prints, I’d say this was a spooky hoax!

5. A jumper caught on camera.

This picture was taken at the Yangtze River Bridge. The photographer later discovered that he captured a photograph of a person falling to their death.

6. The Jonestown Massacre aftermath.

Jim Jones was a cult leader, but when his time was coming to a close, he decided to encouraged (and for some even forced) them to commit suicide.

918 lives were lost that day.

7. The Amityville Horror was actually real.

This photo clearly captures an unknown boy peaking around the corner in this infamous haunted home.

8. A modern picture and an old visitor.

This photo was taken in 1990. In the background is Boothill Cemetary, one of the most haunted cemeteries in America. 

9. The Annabelle doll.

You didn’t imagine the real Annabelle doll to look so creepy, did you?

10. A ghostly visitor behind this woman.

This photograph from 1975 was taken in Worstead Church.

When they took the photo, they didn’t see anyone behind her. The priest the picture is that of the white woman, a ghost who has haunted the church the past 150 years.

11. An image of a boy.

This little guy has been spotted on this property before and was actually caught on camera by photographer Neil Sandbach, who was hired to take pictures of the farm.

12. There’s a face in the passenger’s seat of this old truck.

You ca take a look at the close-up here.

13. She doens’t look normal at all! 

Her head is just too far back to be natural.

14. Isn’t it a little early for Halloween costumes?

Even the pumpkins looks creepy in this photo!

15. Creepy stranger in the woods.

I hope he doesn’t try to approach them. I’d scream if this ever happened to me!

16. Her mother kept in her room for 25 years.

This is something straight out of a horror story. The woman was locked away by her own mom.

Her mom did this so she wouldn’t marry a penniless man. She was locked up for 25 years. You can read the story here.

17. Home.

This little girl was raised in a concentration camp, when this little girl was asked to draw“home” and this is what she came up with.

Chilling, isn’t it?

What’s the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen?

Feel free to let me know what that was. As always, I love hearing from you!

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