43 Crafty Cakes That Are Too Amazing To Eat

43 Crafty Cakes That Are Too Amazing To Eat

I don’t know about the rest of you but I know I have a sweet tooth.

I don’t have a sweet tooth for chocolate, brownies, sweets, or ice cream though. I only have a sweet tooth for cake. I love cake. If it was possible, I’d marry cake and I’d live happily ever after with my cake husband until, you know, I eat him.

Cakes are beautiful things, they’re the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, and they’re also the best way to start your day and your afternoon.

If I was in charge of the world, cake would be free for everyone, because no one should go without it.

But in all honesty, not all cakes are amazing.

There are some cakes which look like a heard of elephants have stamped on it, and then it’s been crumpled back together.

Seeing an ugly cake is always a distressing thing to see.

But sometimes you come across a cake so beautiful and so realistic, that it looks like the real deal. It’s too good to eat in all honesty!

Here are a few awesome cakes that are too good to eat!

1. Food For Thought

This cake is making me hungry. I wonder if it’s ramen flavored…

2. Taco Hell Yeah!

That taco cake is so realistic, even the ‘beef’ looks real!

3. Art Cake

I don’t think I’d be able to bring myself to eat that beautiful work of art.

4. Simpsons Cake

That doughnut cake is too good to eat!

5. Lord Of The Rings Cake

The one true ring looks really delicious… No one would mind if I ate it, right?

6. Real Fruit

This cake may look organic, but it’s 100% sugar and it’s also full of gluten.

7. I Dropped My Ice Cream

Who would drop their ice cream on a birthday cake? Wait, what do you mean it’s intentional?

8. Log Cake

Are you sure that’s not a real log?

9. Wait, What?

What do you mean this is a cake and not a plant? Are you sure?!

10. Cakey Art

Art has never tasted so good!

11. Not A Cartoon

I promise this isn’t a cartoon. It’s a real cake!

12. Harry Potter

It looks like it’s come straight out of the books!

13. Nice Catch!

What an impressive catch!

14. Icy cut

Wait, that’s edible?

15. Juicy Steak

That’s incredible!

16. Cake Pie

Anyone care for a slice of maths?

17. Sugar Rush

for the love of 🍓pocky and 🍫oreo #cakeetcetera #defyinggravity #pockycake

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How do they even manage that?!

18. And finally here is a tutorial on how to make a Lego cake.

These cakes are incredible!

19. A library cake!

Well, I can’t imagine eating this cake because it’s just too perfect! However, if it tastes as good as it looks, then it might not make it through the night.

20. This cake inspired by the movie “Up”.

Any kid (or adult) would LOVE to see this cake at their party! It’s so well done.

21. A tiger cake.

A tiger that apparently plays football and baseball! How could you eat this adorable cake?

22. Pigs in a muddy bath.

Even if you can’t get yourself to eat this one up, you can imagine tasting a little bit of that chocolate mud, can’t you? I know I can!

23. Marble glass cake.

This one just looks too unreal! Even so, at the end of the day, it’s supposed to be eaten!

24. Thanksgiving cake.

For some reason, this looks like the best part of my next Thanksgiving. Forget the turkey! I’m going to have myself a helping of this instead.

25. Pug dogs and their toys.

This is perfect for those who love or own this kind of dog! They have the cutest faces.

26. iphone cake.

Well, this screen is much larger than mine. The best part is that you can customize it to appear to look the same as your own phone!  What a clever idea. I wonder what would be eaten first, the text messages, or emails?

27. Painted flowers.

Some cakes are mere palates for the artist to work on. With that said, this one is a masterpiece of art that would definitely be hard to eat.

28. Winter wonderland.

This cake is perfect for the holiday season or perhaps for someone who is married during the winter. We can all appreciate this time of the year when we build snowmen from freshly fallen snow.

29. Homer loves his donuts.

We all know how much homer loves his donuts but even this one is too much for him to eat on his own. So, let’s help him out, shall we?

30. Cookie Monster cake.

Cookie monster was a popular character for many of us while we were growing up. It was just so easy to relate to someone who was a monster for cookies!

31. If the shoe fits.

Anyone who loves a good fairy tale will have no problem falling for this cake. It can even be for someone who simply loves shoes!

32. The everything but cake, cake.

If you can imagine every one of your favorite foods (besides) cake, then this is the the kind of cake it would be! I mean, practically everything is represented here and it all looks so delicious!

33. The shirt stack.

Normally, we shouldn’t even be cutting into such a nice looking cake but in this case, it was important because only then does it reveal all of the colors within.  Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this cake!

34. The musician or pianist.

Anyone who loves music or plays a piano will definitely fall in love with this cake!  It has such an elegant look to it.

35. I’m “SEW” happy!

This is for the one person who you can count on to fix your wardrobe malfunction.

36. The office.

This cake is perfectly suited for anyone working in the office. We all know what it takes to get through a tough day and coffee and sugar is the bulk of it.

37. Log cabin cake.

This cake will keep your warm in the winter! This was probably made by a contractor.

38. Dream home cake.

Imagine having house warming party in your new, dream home and seeing a cake that looks just like it in your new kitchen? Well, that’s what I imagine anyway.

39. Noah’s Ark.

This might work well for children in the Sunday school class who are learning all about the bible which inevitably includes the story about Noah’s ark. I’m sure the children would love it!



Some of these cakes look absolutely realistic and some are make with ordinary candies and cookies but they still manage to capture the imagination!  Especially this train cake.

41. Don’t forget about HIM!

This beer cake is definitely his idea! With that said, don’t be afraid to just give the kind of cake that the birthday boy is going to really enjoy!

42. Her wedding dress.

This icing on this cake looks just like a beautiful fabric that might be used on a wedding dress. Perhaps the bride matched her cake? That would be amazing!

43. A pirate’s life.

Most kids fantasize about a life at sea. This would be an amazing cake for such a kid. I can even see a dolphin in the water and the other details of this cake have me in awe! I love it!

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