16 Of The Worst Photoshop Fails You Ever Did See.

16 Of The Worst Photoshop Fails You Ever Did See.

Anybody with a copy of Photoshop can make anything happen these days. They can give themselves good eyebrows, or fill in that bald spot so that their head isn’t quite so shiny. Some folks however, well they go a little too far. It’s not like they’re Photoshopping themselves winning a gold medal at the Olympics or anything. But some of the stuff they come up with is almost as hard to believe! You’d have to be pretty gullible to fall for most of these Photoshop fails…

What’s wrong with this picture? Nope, it’s not that. Look closer.

Look harder. Harder than that. You give up, or do you want me to give you a clue? Okay, well let’s just say if Dad has one arm around his daughter… and one arm by his side… then who is… bingo.

This one’s a little more obvious… okay, a LOT more obvious

Supermodels are famously skinny, but have you ever seen one so thin that you could see straight through her whole arm? I’m just amazed that this hack job made it onto the cover of Vogue!

Ever seen that movie Fantastic Four?

Because either this lady has got stretchy elastic powers, or this terrible Photoshop is making her look like a human lollipop!

Kill it! Kill it with fire!

What were these people thinking? What did they do to that poor kid’s face? And probably the biggest question of all… how did they think that this was going to help them sell more diapers?

Kids never seem to get off easy with this stuff!

So many questions! What’s up with that dog’s shadow? How did that kid open the net? Why is the front door a back door, and why does it open inward?

Miss October is stunning

A dog like this would be way easier to house-train. I know this would be a lot cleaner around the house, but it can’t be good for the poor woofer.

Not even Spider-Man could save this kid if he fell in the pool

With arms like that, he couldn’t swim a meter!

You know that feeling when you need to make a Fanta advertisement…

But the girl in red wasn’t holding a Fanta bottle… or holding her arm out… or probably wasn’t even a real person. Well, that’s where Photoshop comes in!

Just checking folks, can people really a mouth like a block of swiss cheese?

I don’t speak this language, but whatever the heck this commercial is selling, I definitely don’t want any!

Robo-Chef to the rescue!

This isn’t a Photoshop, just a robot with it’s extend-o-arms fully retracted.

Do you even lift bro?

The camera never lies! Well, apart from when the images involved have been Photoshopped. But if whoever was at the computer did a real hatchet job… then the camera lies through its freakin’ teeth!

Now here’s a guy who definitely hits the gym!

He’s got himself a 12-pack, through hard work, weight training and the Photoshop skills of an 8-year-old.

This guy seems to know what he’s doing

But all I can say is if my hair and my arm looked like that, I would be heading for the hospital, not posting photos on Facebook.

Have you ever seen somebody so thin…

That they distort gravity around them and make their doors look all screwy.

This image seems fine at first, but… and there’s a big butt…

Not everybody wants to look thinner, this girl has tried to put some extra junk in her trunk. But it looks like she’s drawn on a photo with a red pen.

But then again, some people just want to make themselves thinner

Much thinner.