16 Times Cheaters Were Uncovered By Facebook

16 Times Cheaters Were Uncovered By Facebook

Nobody likes a cheater, that’s a given, but what we do like is seeing cheaters get their just desserts on social media! There’s something very satisfying about watching these love rats get exposed for the creeps they are and knowing that the wool is no longer being pulled over their partners’ eyes! Grab your popcorn, people, because we’re about to look at 16 times cheaters got their scummy behaviour revealed on Facebook!

1. Caught in the act!

That is the face of shame, well, I assume it is underneath all of the hiding. Even the other woman knows how much he’s screwed up.

2. That’s a very sudden and public confession!

I can’t believe someone actually believed Alan was writing this himself!

3. Don’t say it with flowers, say it with Farmville!

Because nothing fixes your terrible behaviour like a gift on Farmville!

4. This ex-girlfriend is taking no prisoners!

If I was her neighbour I’d be cheering for her as she dumped his stuff outside!

5. She didn’t see this one coming!

The moral of this story is that you should only brag about your boyfriend’s faithfulness if you’re 100% sure it’s real!

6. Wanda is freakin’ savage!

Sorry Michael, but you’re not getting out of this one with your reputation intact!

7. This is the best cheating story I’ve ever heard!

Where can I find this woman and can I be her new best friend? I promise I’ll never make her mad!

8. I really hope this guy got caught!

Does anyone know how this one turned out? Because I’d love to find out that he got caught out and dumped in a really spectacular way.

9. Somebody’s about to get a little history lesson!

I’ll bet Ladd’s glad that this cheating idiot isn’t his problem any more!

10. This woman wasn’t as good at cheating as she thought she was!

I hope she returned home to find out that he’d changed the locks!

11. Sarah was not expecting a response like this!

Jessie does not want her garbage back, thanks, you can keep it!

12. I hope James is listening, whoever he is!

James was probably pretty surprised to find this notification pop up in his inbox! This guy’s just trying to do you a favour, James!

13. Karma. Sweet, sweet karma.

Have you never heard the term ‘what goes around comes around’, Lynette? Because the karma train is just pulling into your station!

14. It’s not Abby that your girlfriend needs to be worried about!

This guy was so caught up in how hilarious he thought he was being that he completely forgot that he’s also a total rat.

15. I think it’s safe to say that Adam is very single now

Whoever Jaz is, I hope she’s feeling really embarrassed right about now!

16. This isn’t the new beginning David was hoping it would be.

Does Ashley Madison have a specific section for disgusting love rats? Because that’s where he belongs!

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