16 Photos That Will Never Make Sense For As Long As You Live

16 Photos That Will Never Make Sense For As Long As You Live

Some things we just aren’t meant to understand. The riddles of the universe I like to call them. You know, things like…

…how the pyramids of ancient Egypt were built….

…the Bermuda Triangle…

…and whichever sick genius thought of putting peanut butter with jelly, when the odds are stacked against that combination ever working.

Well I’m afraid the list of world mysteries is about to increase as we’ve found some photos that need to be included.

They will bend your mind, then bend it some more, and leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the world.

How many fingers does a man have? How do you tell the time? And how many chickens does it take to chair a meeting of a bunch of Minions. All these questions and more shall NEVER be answered!

Cue manic evil laughter that slowly gets more and more insane…

“I guess you’re wondering why I gathered you all here today”

So King Bob, would you like to start off this week’s meeting of Chickens Anonymous?

We have literally no idea either. The minions are weird enough – like why are there so many of them? – but the CHICKEN is beyond us.

It’s even standing on a podium and appears to have raised one of its little chicken feet like some kind of crazed chicken conductor.

Photoshop is a wonderful thing

A wonderful, terrible thing.

When I first saw this photo I thought some sick parent had done that reverse eyelid thing on their kid which would have been insane and an immediate call to child services.

Oh no, instead this work of art is the creation of some level-headed, rational human being and a piece of computer software called photoshop, what a time to be alive…

Leaked footage of the world’s worst bacon thief, caught in the act

Either that, or this girl looks like she took quite a spill off her skateboard. I would put some ointment on that or something.

Seriously though, this doesn’t make sense, is she wearing some kind of patterned tight under there or what!? Someone please explain.

This is making my eyes go funny

There’s a doings afoot. Or is it ahand?

Good ol’ photoshop messing with our minds again. At least I think it’s photoshopped, I hope it’s photoshopped – otherwise this person needs to get down to the ER, fast.

You got the time, Sharon? Yeah, it’s a pith past a pip. Going on half-past peel.

You just wait. All the cool kids will be wearing this fashion accessory come summer time.

Also, I know there’s some towel, but does anyone else feel uneasy seeing the orange right above the laptop!?

I guess the Earth is flat after all!

I think this is a mix of rough seas, a panoramic shot gone wrong, and the unspeakable magic of the elder gods.

Good lord, this photo is truly freaky.

The look on the cat’s face is one of ‘just what the heck’s going on here?’

If I knew, I’d fill you in on it, mama cat. Thing is, I’m just as stumped as you are.

Perhaps, just perhaps – and sorry I’m going a bit dark here – these mice have been killed by this mouse-hunter cat and the cat has laid them out ceremoniously next to her!?

Or is it just a load of MICE feeding off a CAT.

I just don’t know.

When you go to the waxing parlor but you only brought enough cash for half a treatment

Well, I guess it’s better than getting one leg totally waxed and leaving the other totally smooth.

I have no idea what’s going on here

But I want no part of it. That dog on the other hand, it wants to get in on this disgusting action.

The worst part of this gross photo is that in order for this person to take their helmet off, the sick would be pushed up against their face even more. Either that or they tipped it out the hole!? Poor, poor biker, what a disgusting situation.

Well, what a very loving and trusting couple

A loving, creepy, trusting, creepy, creepy couple. I’m open to new experiences but even I draw the line WAY before this kinda thing happens.

I sip – you sip – I spit – you sip…

Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat, does whatever a spider can’t

Kitty looks like he or she is in training for a circus act, or for the cat olympics. My money is on a gold medal for this flexible feline.

Also wtf is the cat in? That looks like an old drinks cabinet to me… maybe our furry friend drank whatever was left over and then went well, insane.

Slender Kitty

The more you look at this the creepier it gets. Not just Hello Kitty’s terrifying long limbs. Not just the fact that everything is tied down with string for some reason. Anyone else think this Hello Kitty head wasn’t meant for this body!?

If that wasn’t enough, notice the tortured look on poor Olaf’s face. Once you spot him, you’ll never un-see him.

I could look at this for the rest of my life and still never understand

All that I know is it involves two people, one sweater and zero laws of physics.

Here’s a Halloween Wolverine costume on a budget

Those things look like they can do some real damage, bub.

“Babe scratch my back…”

Okay, now everybody in the circle breathe deeply and join hands

No, no, no, you got it all wrong ya freaks!

Also, where would Mr hand-foot fit in here I wonder?

I’ve got a joke for you: How does Batman drink a Coke?

Probably like this. Haha, funny.

So there you have it – 16 photos that make you question the world as you knew it and leave you feeling, confused, afraid and possibly quite freaked out!

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