16 People Tried And Failed To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

16 People Tried And Failed To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

8. Let’s Behead Rudolph! 

Poor Rudolph! I bet he wasn’t expecting that! I bet he’ll be asking Santa for a new head this year!

9. I Don’t Know About You, But That Jumper’s Small

I bet she was so excited when her jumper arrived. You can imagine how heartbroken she must have been when she found her new jumper was a few sizes too small.

10. Oops, I Accidentally Spilled Some!

If you’re starting to spill eggnog like this then maybe it’s time to stop drinking so much eggnog. I know it’s Christmas but that’s too much eggnog!

11. A Naughty Little Elf

“P.S. Don’t hide in my ceiling lamp again or you’ll lose your other foot.”

12. That’s Not What I Ordered!

That’s it! Christmas is officially canceled! Take down your trees!

13. But That’s Not Santa, I’m Very Disappointed

Ok, I have two problems with this…. 1) That’s kind of creepy. 2) That’s not Santa! I want Santa!

14. What On Earth Were You Thinking?!

#Christmasfail #failedtothinkitthrough #fail #santaclauseiscomingtotown #santaclause

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Are you sure you didn’t buy this from a store that supplies bachelorette parties?

15. I Hope That Was A Factory Malfunction

This is why I can't have nice things. Now to figure out who did it-husband or son? #christmas #christmasfail

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Now that’s a very special Christmas decoration… I wonder where I can buy this?

16. Wait, Are Those Penis Christmas Lights?

Avert your eyes children! Look away!

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