16 Food Facts That Will Blow Your Freakin’ Mind!

16 Food Facts That Will Blow Your Freakin’ Mind!

We all love food, but did you ever stop to think about where some of your food comes from.

I mean, most of that stuff was either growing away happily in the sunshine, or it was wandering around minding it’s own business.

Then somebody either cut it up, or killed it and cut it up… all just to put the thing on your plate!

Well, some of these food origins will really blow your mind. You’ll never look at your dinner plate in quite the same way again.

1. Cashew nuts grow like this…

Woah, woah, woah. I know, this is mind blowing information here people, but pick yourself back up off the floor there, Bub.

The outside part is called the cashew apple, and to harvest those tasty bags of cashews, you remove the nut from the fruit, then dry, steam, and hand-crack them, before removing the actual cashew from its casing.

2. Mountain Dew is mostly Orange Juice

So, might as well just buy a tasty healthy bottle or pure orange juice rather than drink all of the rest of the cr*p on that list of ingredients, right?

3. Loofahs grow on trees

Yup, you know that thing that you use to scrub your back in the bath? Well, they’re not from under the sea like a sponge, despite what grandma told you.

Nope they come from gourds; sponge gourds and luffa gourds. So they’re more like pumpkins!

4. Peanut butter pretzels are created through a “marvel of food manufacturing”

How exactly? Well, an outer tube pumps out pretzel dough, while an inner tube pumps out peanut butter filling onto a conveyor belt. Then the whole thing is then sliced up and baked in a giant 100-foot oven.

The whole process has been given the fancy name of co-extrusion!

5. Green, yellow and red peppers… are all the same type of pepper!

They’re just at different stages of ripeness!

That’s why an under ripe green bell pepper tastes way more bitter than a sweet red over ripe bell pepper!

6. Sprouts grow on stalks like this!

Ever wondered how Brussels sprouts actually grow? No, you were too busy pushing them off onto your little sister’s plate at Christmas dinner!

Well, they grow straight up out of the ground like this on things that look like beanstalks!

7. Grahams crackers were first invented in the 1830s… to stop sexual urges!

See, their creator Reverend Sylvester Graham was a holier than thou type who preached sexual abstinence, and believed that a bland diet would make people want to have sex less.

So he created the most tasteless, unappealing food he could! Thanks, Rev!

8. Vegetarians can’t eat parmesan cheese

See, truly authentic Parmigiano Reggiano needs calf rennet, which is an enzyme used to coagulate milk, turning it into cheese. And rennet is usually found in the lining of calves’ stomachs. Yummy!

9. Butter should be stored in the fridge, not in a butter dish

Wait, who in the heck does this apart from your grandma?

Well, if anyone was in any further doubt, storing butter in the fridge means microbes in it grow more slowly, and it won’t spoil as fast.

10. Oysters are still alive when you eat them

In fact, eating a dead oyster is WAY worse for you. Advice given about checking oysters’ freshness instructs you to tap on the open shell; if the thing closes, then eat away! Yuck!

11. Fruit Loops? They all. Taste. The. Freakin’. Same!

That’s right, every different color of Fruit Loop breakfast cereal has the exact same flavor!

So anybody who thinks the purple ones are their favorites are just kidding themselves!

12. The white stuff you find on salmon once it’s cooked is protein, not fat

Kids refuse to eat the stuff, probably because of its texture. But that white stuff is called albumen.

It’s a harmless soluble protein released when muscle fibers in the fish are heated. When these fibers contract, they push the moisture-filled albumin to the surface of the flesh.

13. Washing raw chicken does nothing

It doesn’t rid the chicken of any more bacteria than unwashed chicken has.

In fact, the advice is NOT to wash chicken, because there’s actually more chance of spreading bacteria around your kitchen by doing it!

14. The difference between Pepsi and Coke is a measly ONE ingredient

It’s not even a nice-sounding ingredient: citric acid!

Pepsi has it, Coke doesn’t. That’s why Pepsi tastes more citrusy, and Coke raisiny or vanilla flavored.

15. La Croix water is flavored with “essence,” a clear, concentrated natural chemical derived by heating the skins or rinds of fruits.

It’s a chemical vapor that is captured, condensed and eventually sold by the 55-gallon barrel.

16. The inside of Kit Kats are made from crushed up Kit Kats!

Kit Kats that get damaged during production are pulverized into a Kit Kat paste, and that’s what’s in the middle of those suckers!

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