16 Of The Most Embarrassing Bridesmaid Dresses Of All Time

16 Of The Most Embarrassing Bridesmaid Dresses Of All Time

Being a bridesmaid is every little girl’s dream come true, right?

They get bought an amazing dress and get to walk down the aisle in front of everybody, have a giant fuss made out of them. Perfect, right?

All you have to do is get told what to wear and arrive on the day!

See now that’s the sticking point. You get TOLD what to wear, by the bridge most often.

So if the bride’s fashion sense is… questionable… you know, lacking in some departments. Well that’s when things tend to get just a little hairy.

You could end up in some monstrosity of a paisley patterned dress!

So the next time somebody asks you to be bridesmaid, just bear all this in mind.

Sure it might never happen. But it sometimes does.

If you needed any evidence of it, check out these poor unfortunate souls.

1. Well sheesh, if you wanted to look like those dolls that you put over rolls of toilet paper, why didn’t you just come out and say it?

I guess if you were being super kind, you would say this wedding look is ‘of it’s time’. If you were being less kind, you could call it ‘dated’. And if you were being really mean, you’d know that dog has seen things, man.

2. One of these bridesmaids isn’t as sure about this look as others… see if you can tell which one!

Maybe the bride really loved Sonic the Hedgehog when she was younger, so that’s why they’ve gone for the red sneakers too!

3. Wow, that really is the whole spectrum, right?

Well, they say you should dress the bridesmaids in any color other than white, I guess this bride has just taken that advice to heart!

4. I didn’t even know you could GET flowers this color!

I also didn’t know you could get make up in some of those colors either, but let’s just gloss over than and move on, shall we?

5. They say the past is a foreign country… it’s also in a different freakin’ dimension, judging by these people!

I’m not sure if this is a wedding I’ve been invited to, or I’m gonna be converted into these people’s cult!

6. Whoa, pink and orange! I guess these folks WANTED to look like popsicle sticks that day!

My eyes! My freakin’ eyes! It’s like staring directly at the sun!

7. Now I’m, not saying that those kids don’t look freakin’ adorable, because they definitely do…

But they kinda also look a little like beetroots planted on a farm too.

8. Wow, the cane really sets that outfit off!

If you’re a groom with a cane, you might as well get your bridesmaids to dress up like candy canes! Or barbershop poles!

9. Now THAT’s bright!

That’s a step up from Barbie pink! That’s even a step up from highlighter pen pink! You could probably see that wedding party from space!

10. Wait, you… actually got those dresses made out of the same fabric as the curtains?

Or is that just an unhappy coincidence?

11. Please tell me that was taken at the bachelorette party… please… 

Nope! No wonder they pixellated their faces out! If I was told to wear one of those dresses I’d have worn a pixellated face mask on the day!

12. By the standards of some of these looks, this one is pretty tame…

The 1980s was a strange, strange place, I’m sure we can all agree on that.

13. Well, erm… at least the bride looks nice. And that’s what counts, right?

The second girl from the right is thinking, “What the heck even is my life?”.

14. Tie a yellow ribbon ’round… well pretty much anything in freakin’ sight by the looks of things!

What did that one lady do to deserve the mint green number? REALLY annoy the bride’s mom?

15. Oh my good gosh!

You could puke up on those dresses and nobody would be able to tell the difference!

16. Man, those two little girls in the center are NOT pleased!

Can you freakin’ blame them? I mean, bonnets for goodness’ sakes!

Did any of these make you wanna stick pins in your eyes? Or maybe you asked your bridesmaids to wear something just as awful on your big day! Or perhaps you know someone who was super angry with their outfit for a friend or family members’ wedding! Either way, let us know your story with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this article if you enjoyed it!