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Kids are so naturally innocent and curious, it’s only a matter of time until they put their foot in it and do something that’s just not quite right. These 15 kids have no idea that what they’re doing looks a little dirty to the adults around them, and to be honest, they don’t care at all!

1. Somebody needs to learn to keep her hands to herself

It’s lucky that this was just a mannequin, because if she carries on like this she’s gonna give somebody a serious shock!

2. That’s not how the dinosaur costume works, kiddo.

If this was what a t-rex looked like, Jurassic Park would have been a very different movie.

3. “My girlfriend’s 6 year old son started screaming “I found the golden ticket!!” Repeatedly as he ran up to her holding this”

Somebody’s gonna be really disappointed when they realise they’re not getting a free trip to a chocolate factory. No river of chocolate for you, kid!

4. These are some really weird new bath toys!

These fishing rods suck, they can’t catch fish at all! Don’t get any more of these, Mom, they’re no good!

5. That’s not how you give Rafiki a kiss goodbye…

One day she’s gonna look back at this picture and laugh. Until then we can laugh at it for her, the poor innocent thing.

6. This is why spelling is important

Normally, nobody likes the grammar police. Right now though, I think they’ve got a point!

7. And here’s another accidental learning opportunity

I’ve heard the birds and the bees talk before, but I’ve never seen it explained with pancakes!

8. I know all kids like to play dress up in Mom’s clothes, but this is just ridiculous!

To be fair to the little guy, he looks like he’s perfectly comfortable.

9. You can always count on kids to find the one thing in the store that has boobs.

It’s like a sixth sense or something, how do they do that?! This kid doesn’t see dead people but he can spot boobs from a mile away!

10. Speaking of finding things you shouldn’t…

I think Mom needs to find some better hiding places. Although I don’t think the bedside table really counts as hiding!

11. Best. Photobomb. Ever.

I don’t think this picture could have been more perfectly timed if they’d tried it! And just look at the utter shock on that guy’s face, that’s priceless!

12. These Disney princesses are total professionals

This little girl managed to grab a boob in every single picture and yet they’re still perfectly regal. When you’re a Disney princess you’ve gotta be prepared for anything!

13. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

It’s a bird house, you filthy minded people! Go and wash your brains out with soap!

14. “My 8 week old son always stares at my boobs after I get out of the shower. This was his expression this morning.” 

At least he looks pleased to see them, I guess?

15. And finally, another kid who’s managed to find the only boobs in the store

The best boob radar in the business strikes again! Mom must have a great sense of humour to share this so we can all have a good giggle at it! Thanks Mom!

So there we have it, 15 weird and wonderful pictures that only kids could make happen. If these gave you a good giggle, don’t forget to share this article with your friends who have crazy kids of their own. And remember, at the end of the day, kids will be kids!