15 Times Life Was Made Awesome By Random Acts Of Vandalism

15 Times Life Was Made Awesome By Random Acts Of Vandalism

This might surprise you, but vandalism isn’t always a bad thing.

Obviously most of the time it is and I’d say the distinction that needs to be made is between mindless vandalism and vandalism that has a purpose beyond merely defacing something. We can all think of a place near to where we live where someone has maybe graffitied a wall or broken a shop window and you just can’t help but ask yourself why. Why would someone do something so thoughtless that has such a negative impact on our streets (and on the wallet of the person who has to pick up the bill).

Not all vandalism is bad though. Maybe that’s a kinda weird thing to say, but hear me out here. If you look around your home town with an artist’s eyes, you might see all kinds of opportunities for art that you never thought possible.

Maybe it’s that car on your street that looks like it has a shocked face. Or maybe it’s that building downtown that kinda looks like a spaceship. All around us are objects that look like something else or, with a little bit of imagination and artistic flair, could be transformed from inanimate object to work of art in no time.

Well some artists look at those same things and take it to the next level!

In some parts of the world this is actively encouraged. For example in the East of London, there is an area where ‘street art’ is visible at every turn. Incredibly talented artists turn up with their spray cans and brushes, transforming what would otherwise be bare brick walls into stunning works of art.

The only difference between this and the collection we’ve pulled together for you is…permission. The artists in London are allowed to decorate the buildings – it’s been agreed. Our vigilante artists below have taken the decision to let their creative juices flow, regardless of whether someone has said they can do it or not – risky!

But where would we be in life if people didn’t occasionally break the rules? For the mystery artists behind the masterpieces below I can honestly say that I’m glad that they had a ‘screw it’ moment and shared their talents with the world.

In my opinion, if it does no harm and makes you smile then bring it on!

This is really stunning!

What an amazing work of art, to take something horrible and dirty and make something beautiful out of it. That takes an amazing talent!

And fair play to ‘ProBoyNick’ for signing his masterpiece – let’s hope that someone spotted his work and was able to contact him with a commission or other job offer before the croc reached his inevitable end in the next rain shower.

Check out this statue of the powerful emperor of the proud Yo-Yo dynasty

There was a lot of rise and fall at that time in history.

Some people have such a nack for seeing the potential in something, don’t they? I bet this took a minute or two to set up, but it will have had people smiling for many hours.

Nobody hurt, nothing ruined, just someone with a good sense of humour and a yo-yo!

It takes an amazing eye for detail to see something like this

You and I see a crack in a building. This vandal saw somewhere for King Kong to climb!

It looks so freakin’ real as well!

You’re driving through the forest late at night, with nobody for miles around, and you see this… what do you do?

Other than have a massive road traffic accident, of course.

Now this is something that I’m pretty sure we could all have a go at. It could make a really funny outing, especially if you have kids with you. Head down to your local park or woodland armed with various sized and shaped monster eyes. Look out for any trees that could transform into monsters and give them the helping hand to do so!

This is an amazing prank

Can you imagine how funny this would be to watch. The sticker looks really realistic so I would totally be the first one to start shouting “paper towel now!”.

If the prankster had hidden in the toilet to watch the scenes unfold I bet they had to try so hard not to laugh out loud!

Where can I get stickers like this? I’ll take 100!

“And verily I do declare, observe! As I perform a sick ollie!”

That’s Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, folks. Norwegian writer, 1903 Nobel Prize for Literature winner, and dope skateboarder, yo.

I think the stone ramp that leads up to the statue just makes this even more magical than it already is. He 100% looks like he’s just checking to make sure everyone is watching him before styling out some sweet tricks!

Have I suddenly discovered my super-power of X-ray vision? Nope, false alarm.

If you don’t want people to draw cr*p in the cr*p on the side of your car… wash your cr*ppy car!

I would definitely scream and run if I was walking down the street and saw this

I watched way too many creepy cartoons as a kid, okay?

Your move, city council

This is just too good to be true. It’s the total meet in the middle of strict law enforcement and the ‘just having fun’ attitude – it gets you thinking and I love it!

He looks like he’s saying “Just what exactly are you gonna do about it?”!

People love to change signs to say something else, if the sign is stupid enough

Yes, yes we are. That is so true. Really hit a nerve there.

Leaked footage of a cow’s alien abduction… the truth is out there!

Okay sure, it’s a traffic pole in Dresden, Germany that some joker has painted up. I admit it, the whole thing was a hoax… and I woulda gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you peck meddling kids!

Pretty cool though right? It just shows that with a little imagination, most common objects can be given a whole new meaning.

Bill Posters is an innocent man!

He was framed! It was a stick-up! So… are these posters puns working for anybody?

Whoever saw this and thought of vandalizing it is some rare breed of freakin’ genius

I can’t even draw this well, never mind see when a telephone pole covered in ivy might look like Marge Simpson! This person is definitely an artist in hiding.

Hey, it really is! Whaddaya know!

You see most people would just look at this and think something along the line of “That’s dangerous, you could trip” or “Geez, it’s been missing a brick for so long that all those weeds have grown up on its place”. Not this fun loving criminal. With the innocence of a child, they have taken paint to pavement and shown their creative genius, we salute you!

Don’t step on the tiny rainforest! Also, nice shoes stranger! A little compliment can go a long way…

Okay I gotta admit that this one is pretty darned funny

It seems like loads of old statues are positioned in funny ways. Next time I spot one I’m gonna try and see whether I can think up something as hilarious as this prankster.

I love the fact that unless they had literally just been to the store to buy razors, or happened to be carrying one (although that seems weird and unlikely) they noticed the opportunity, went home to pick up a razor and then returned to complete the prank. 10/10 for effort to my favourite harmless vandal.

So what’s your opinion? It’s a topic that tends to divide. Personally, I’ve just decided that harmless vandalism is funny. I mean each and every one of these photos made me smile so that’s surely a good thing right? They demonstrate a streak of cheekiness and fun that I think we could all do with a little bit more of sometimes.

Then again, others would argue that – in the case of the statues especially – these are examples of public property being defaced. Pieces of art or people from history whose respect is lost through the trivial humour. Plus, whose job is it to come and remove the objects (that is if they can be removed). And does this kind of harmless vandalism encourage more extreme vandalism, I’m not sure!

The jury is out on whether or not these random acts of vandalism should be encouraged or not but, if you want my two cents, I think they’re pretty awesome!