15 Struggles Every Woman Goes Through When Jeans Shopping

15 Struggles Every Woman Goes Through When Jeans Shopping

Jeans shopping, is there any more hated activity in this world? I know it seems pretty simple on the surface but any woman who has ever shopped for jeans knows that it’s time consuming, morale crushing and simply impossible. Nobody wins at jeans shopping, but at least we can all laugh at the experience, which is what we’re going to be doing today!

1. Shopping for a new pair of jeans is always the worst experience ever.

You know you need a new pair of jeans, but honestly you’d rather die than have to go jeans shopping, it’s the least fun thing in the world. Can’t I just go naked instead?

2. You psyche yourself up to face the jeans shopping woes

You can’t go into jeans shopping lightly, you’ve got to work yourself up to this or you will be crushed. You’re about to have a heartbreaking hour or two so you better give yourself the pep talk of your life. You’re gonna need it!

3. Now you need to decide what kind of jeans you want.

Skinny jeans? Boyfriend jeans? Mom jeans? Blue jeans? Light blue jeans? Dark blue jeans? Black jeans? Ripped jeans? Jean shorts? So many possibilities, maybe I should just buy one of each…

4. No. No you cannot buy one of each.

Know why? Because you’ve just seen the price tag of one pair of jeans you might like and they cost more than what you’ll earn in three months. Not gonna happen.

5. What’s my jeans size again? 

I know what my dress size is but does that actually translate to my jeans size? Or is my butt a bit too big for that size? And how long are my legs exactly? I have absolutely no idea, I’m just gonna have to guess what’s going on here.

6. I’m just gonna pick up 10 random pairs that look vaguely my size and hope for the best.

It’s going to have to be jeans sized Russian roulette over here, whatever will be will be.

7. The changing rooms are looming. 

Now I have to go and get changed into every one of these jeans and hope for the best. This is where the trial truly begins.

8. Changing room mirrors are the worst.

It’s like they found the most unflattering mirrors and lighting in the universe on purpose to make us feel bad. I feel like I’m in a house of mirrors right now and no angle is a good angle.


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