15 Strange Items Of Clothing That’ll Have You Asking ‘What The Hell?’

15 Strange Items Of Clothing That’ll Have You Asking ‘What The Hell?’

Just like many other people I am a big fan of fashion.

While I admit I may not always look my best, I at least know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to clothes.

I won’t be the first person to admit that fashion, and the fashion industry is pretty weird and wild when it comes to creating and designing new clothing trends.

Fashion can be so ridiculous sometimes… If it does one thing, it surely amazes.

It’s no secret that fashion trends come and go.

What looks good one day looks like a pile of rubbish the next day.

Thankfully there are some fashion trends *cough* shoulder pads *cough* that have dropped off the face of the earth.

It won’t be long until some more hideous fashion trends follow the same path too. Personally speaking, I’m hoping it’s male rompers. They look so silly!

But there are some weird fashion trends that become a cult icon… Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to these clothes!

So I’ve  put together a list of ridiculous clothing items on sale that you can buy right now. But take our advice, don’t!

From a Mickey Mouse hoodie which looks all kinds of wrong, and an ugly nipple zipper shirt, these clothing items have to go!

Maybe we should burn them?

It’s impossible to get through the list without questioning why these unique fashion pieces even exist!

Trust us, these clothing items are stupidly ridiculous!

1.Cut Out Pants

Maybe cut out jeans isn’t the best design idea.

We love getting a little extra support for our bodies, but these jeans do nothing at all!

While, admittedly, it’s pretty funny, I wouldn’t actually wear them!

2. A Helping Hand

I’ve always wanted a bra that gave me a little extra support, but I never imagined there to be hands in my bra!

Something about this seems a little inappropriate! What do you think?

3. Bobble Hat Anyone?

That looks less like a bobble hat and more like a tassel hat. If I’m spending good money on hats then I expect there to be a decent sized bobble on there!

The lack of bobbliness on this hat is offensive!

4. Where Did His Feet Go? 

Floral shoes for men? That’s fine, but at least make sure the floral pattern isn’t hideous! Just looking at the pattern closely is enough to make my eyes feel fuzzy. Is that just me?

5. Somethings Fishy About This Photo 

These slippers look like fish, but I really hope they don’t smell like fish either! That would make this whole experience even more terrible!

6. Air Vented 

This shirt is perfect for moments where its so hot you’re literally sweating in your clothes, but you’re too lazy to take them off.

7. Pull Over Jeans

Whoever designed these ugly jeans are clearly trying to make the best out of a malfunction at the factory.

A for effort but I’m afraid I’m giving the designer an F for the delivery. Hopefully, they’ll try harder next time!

8. An Eye On Each Boob

This looks like some sort of yellow demon! What on earth were they thinking when they decided this design was a good idea?! It’s hideous!

9. Fish Net Boots 

I’ve heard of fishnet stocking, but I never thought anyone would be stupid enough to combine them with over the knee boots! It hurts to look at it! My eyes, they burn!

10. Showing Off A Little Too Much

Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination? Isn’t that a nicer and classier look then just flashing your under butt cheek?

My goodness, what were they thinking about with these jeans?

11. A Tight Fit

When your feet look more like a car then feet when wearing a pair of shoes, maybe it’s time to size up your shoe size?

Just a thought!

12. Don’t Go In There 

Shirts like these look amazing and funny when worn proberly, but when you wear them around your waist, well, it just looks wrong to be honest.

Don’t try this look at home!

13. Nipple Zipper

While I like how imaginative this top is, I don’t ever want to see a man’s nipples, especially if I have to look at the chest hair too!

I think I vomited a little just thinking about it… Yuck!

14. Jeans Overload

Who on earth thought it was a good idea to use their leftover jeans and create an ugly sweatshirt? This is seriously hideous!

15. The Claws Are Out

These gloves are perfect for those days where you feel a little furious or when it’s Halloween.

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