15 Ridiculous Wedding Photos That Should NOT Go in Their Album

15 Ridiculous Wedding Photos That Should NOT Go in Their Album

Wedding photos are very important. They are the evidence of your marriage and pretty much everyone wants to look at the album.

So these 15 couples will probably look back in years to come and think what the hell were we thinking!

When you see these wedding photo fails you will completely understand what I’m talking about.

Here goes – and if you are planning a wedding, you might wanna take some notes!

1.My big fat gypsy wedding


This one is a shocker and should go absolutely nowhere near the wedding albums. All of their clothes have holes in.

2. Pull your dress up


I think when she sees this one she will demand it to be deleted. She is hanging it all out on display here.

3. How about we try some different angles here…


Im not saying she is the most photogenic bride, but this photographer must struggle to get any more work after this disaster.

4. What on EARTH is going on here…


Im not all too convinced as to what is actually happening here but it looks like the bride is about to be beheaded.

5. The girdle! She was fixing the girdle!


This one looks a little too close for comfort. Im not sure the groom will be all too happy with this shot. But the photographer has gone to extreme lengths not to miss any of the wedding day action.

6. It’s the bear they’re looking at, people.


Why on earth is there a bear on a lead with a lost looking man carrying a bottle of wine on their wedding album. Delete!

7.  The Hulk Bride

hulk bride

This groom has been absolutely outshone here. There is no wonder he hasn’t rolled his sleeves up on his big day, he clearly doesn’t want to get found out.

8. Monkey Bride


We all love a jungle gym at the best of times, but in your wedding dress on your wedding day? Leave it out.

9. Saying ‘I Do’ in a Portaloo


This is probably the least glamorous wedding shot I have ever seen. Are they tying the knot on a building site?

10. Wedding memories

wedding me

Nothing like a good old fashioned photobomb to ruin your beautiful seaside wedding pics. This chap looks like he’s had a little too much to drink!

11. We get the whole ‘pulling her back in’ thing, but why is someone grabbing her foot?


This bride looks to be going to great extremes to avoid making the biggest mistake of her life.

12. Where’s the groom?


Another one in which the groom won’t be happy. He was hoping to be doing that himself.

13.Say Cheese


This photographer needs sacking. Surely he would suggest a mouth shut style of pose.

14. Well this is saving money I guess


Ive heard of budgeting but come on! Painting on a dress and suit, I bet they must be cold.

15. I have no words


Now this one MUST be added to the photo album. What a photo and what a wedding.

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