15 Reasons Why Introverts Are Great

15 Reasons Why Introverts Are Great

At times it can feel like extroverts run the world – after all, they’re far more noticeable, just from being so loud and in-your-face. But introverts have a lot of great qualities, even if they keep them to themselves most of the time.

Here are a bunch of advantages to being an introvert:

1. They Have A Whole Lot Of Emotional Strength

People who like to be alone are able to better accept, understand and identify their emotions. They spend more time observing and evaluating their own thoughts and feelings, and therefore have a better ability to manage them.

2. They Are Naturally Empathetic

A lot of studies have suggested that people who prefer to be alone are more in tune with the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others around them, making them more empathetic.

While introverts are not outwardly sociable by nature, his ability to feel and to show compassion means that introverts are more likely to form meaningful bonds with others.

3. They Have A Strong Moral Compass

Introverts spend a lot of time thinking, and because they’ve taken the time to analyze their actions and behaviour, their moral compass can be more developed than those who are affected more by the opinions of others.

An introvert will almost always apologise if they have wronged you – even if it takes a few days.

4. They Are Open Minded

You might assume that introverts would be quite closed-minded, given that they shut most people out to some degree. However, people who enjoy spending time alone just take the time to gather a better understanding of the world in different ways that suit their personality.

5. They Don’t Need Peer Acceptance

Introverts have a better understanding of themselves, and therefore don’t crave the acceptance and approval of others as much as extroverts do.

6. They Can Admit Their Flaws

Due to their ability to self-reflect, introverts are more willing to admit their flaws. This goes back to the sense of self they gain from being comfortable with themselves and with being alone. Being able to own up to our flaws and faults is an important step towards positive personal growth.

7. They Prefer the Company of Intellectual People

If you’re comfortable with being alone most of the time, it frees you up to be more selective about who you spend your time with. Because they don’t feel a constant or incessant need to be around many people, they value their time and can be more selective of how they choose to spend it.

For an introvert, the quality of social interaction is much more important than the quantity.

8. They Value Their Time

As mentioned in the previous point, the reason people who enjoy being alone are more selective with the company they choose is that they value their time more. They don’t want to waste time on idle chit-chat.


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