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Wanna see something crazy? Of course you do! You wouldn’t have clicked on this article if you didn’t! Well, hold on tight my friends, because I’ve got 15 crazy pictures heading your way right now. Enjoy!

1 . Hoverboards? So 1980’s. Hoverboats, that’s where it’s at!

Can it take you back to the future if you hit 88 mph exactly? I really freakin’ hope so!

2. So, I hear you’re here to get your wisdom teeth re-mooooooo-ved?

Honestly, this is the least frightening thing I’ve ever seen in a dentist’s office. And it looks like it’s wearing headphones too! Adorable.

3. Help! Human sized dogs are a real thing and they’re going to take over the world!

…Oh. It’s just the camera angle. Panic over then, I guess. Although it would be awesome to cuddle a giant, human-sized puppy, so if the dogs DO want to take over the world any time soon, I’m down with that.

4. Mister President? What are you doing in my bathroom?!

Nope, not The Donald, just some towels. Although I’m a little sad to learn that my trip to the bathroom didn’t warrant a presidential visit after all.

5. Okay no. Nope. No ironing for me ever again.

As terrifying as this is, it’s also the best excuse to skip out on the ironing I’ve ever seen. Sorry guys, can’t iron today, my ironing board is the stuff of nightmares. And it also doubles up as a handy halloween decoration! How useful!

6. Wouldn’t want to see this crawling around in my garden!

An ironing board sized slug, now that’s the stuff of nightmares, right there. Imagine the slime!

7. Sorry, didn’t realise I was going to prom with a DEMON

This is one of the most unfortunate makeup choices I’ve ever seen. Now instead of looking back at her prom pictures and remembering how beautiful she looked, this girl will be remembering the night she spent as a member of the undead.

8. When your hair is cooler than you are

This girls hair is so cool that not only does it have sunglasses, but it also has it’s own hairdo. Too cool for you, sister!

9. I’m so freakin’ confused right now…

Where does the park end and the pavement begin? Is this park just sprouting out of the middle of the street? How far away are those people? So many questions, so few answers.

10. If I live on that line does that mean I get to have a dog AND a cat?

This dog people vs cat people thing has gone too far now guys. You can’t just split a country in half because of your pet choices, okay? It’s time to stop fighting like cats and dogs!

11. Hey, be careful with that baby!

Ohhh, it’s a model railway… well, that makes this a lot less terrifying.

12. How many hex keys does one person need?

The answer is, enough to take this mind-bending picture. That’s exactly enough.

13. Don’t you know you’re not meant to dive into the pool fully dressed?

And absolutely no peeing, it’s gone too far now!

14. Hint: it’s not a painting!

Have you got it yet? Yep, it’s a mirror! How cool is that?

15. What on Earth is happening here?

I have no answers for this one. The best explanation I can give is that this girl is training to be in the remake of The Exorcist. Give her a minute and she’ll be throwing up pea soup too.

See? I told you they were crazy! If you liked this set of totally weird and wonderful pictures, don’t forget to share this article with your friends! And join me next time for more nutty pictures that just aren’t quite what they seem.