15 Photos That Are Too Deliciously Ironic For Words

15 Photos That Are Too Deliciously Ironic For Words

“Isn’t it ironic”, sang Alanis Morissette in her classic hit from 1995. Well, even more ironically, most of the things that she said in that song weren’t even ironic. “Rain on your wedding day”?! That’s not ironic, that’s just plain unfortunate!

Here’s 15 things that really are ironic, and funny to boot:

1. Thanks in advance

The sign didn't work then! This upturned car has ground to a halt next to a road safety sign

I feel bad for laughing at this one, but this car crash wasn’t fatal so I guess it’s okay to appreciate the irony here.

2. Stone-faced

The person who carved out this 'profound' stone sign appears to have missed the irony

There’s some kind of meta-irony going on here. It kinds hurts my head a little…

3. Chew chew, coming’ through

This dog owner will no doubt be asking for their money back after their pooch tucked into a bottle of 'anti-chewing spray'

Talk about false advertising. I think this dog’s owners should go back to the store, show them the teethmarks, and demand a refund.

4. Americhina

Company bosses may have been keen to show off their patriotic credentials, but that didn't stop them from turning overseas for cheap manufacturing

Yeesh. I think President Trump would have a field day with this one!

5. We don’t need no water…

This fire extinguisher is unlikely to be much use in a blaze

Okay, this has obviously been done on purpose, but putting the obvious safety implications to one side, it’s hard not to appreciate the irony. Why do I get the feeling this was done in a college dorm?

6. Quick fix

This maintenance store is its own worst advert thanks to a broken doorbell

We can repair absolutely anything – except the bell to our shop. Anything else, bring it right in.

7. Under the bridge downtown

There may be no shortcuts on the road to success, but that didn't stop this plucky lorry driver from trying to squeeze his vehicle under a low bridge

With being so large, trucks are a great canvas for advertising. The only problem is, sometimes it will result in deliciously ironic pictures like this one.


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