15 People Share How It Felt To Be Left At The Altar

15 People Share How It Felt To Be Left At The Altar

Being left at the altar is a terrifying thought. You’ve spent months or maybe even years planning your perfect wedding and future with the person you love and all of a sudden it’s over in the most public way. These 15 people have shared their stories about how it feels to be left at the altar and how it feels to be the one doing the leaving.

1. I’ll bet she’s glad to be out of this one!

“I didn’t technically leave him at the altar, but I left a couple weeks before the wedding. Just a few short days before the wedding I found out he was sleeping with another person. It took me a while to decide not to get married. Then over the next few weeks, I found out he was addicted to intercourse and had been seeing other people for the 9 years we were together. I was almost stuck with that nightmare. Thankful that I didn’t go through it.” eileen8667

2. Karma got through to this one!

“I left her the day before because, at the bachelor party, one of her friends drunkenly confessed that he knew my fiancé cheated on me with some douchebag for the past couple of months because she wanted one last fling. I found out some of my friends knew but did not tell. She denied it, but eventually confessed and tried to justify. We broke of course. I had to sue her for the wedding expenses because I couldn’t get my deposits back. I won. She got knocked up by the guy she was seeing, and he got custody of the child. Now she’s living with her parents.” Defoler

3. She had another man lined up

“Happened to two of my friends. He was really smitten with her. She was highly insecure and they used to fight because she would accuse him of looking at other women and stuff. She’s never not been with another person, and she always has the next dude lined up before leaving the current one. Guess this time it was no different. Days before the wedding she ended everything, and then we found out two weeks later that she had another guy. She’s currently married for the third time.” armington

4. This is probably for the best, really.

“I got left at the altar. He spent the entire day before with his ex instead of helping me set up. I yelled at him about it because he was late and hadn’t helped at all. He said he no longer wanted to marry me because spending time with his ex made him realize I wasn’t as fun as her because I wasn’t okay with him using drugs. I kicked him out and still had the party. I told him to use that time to go home and pack his belongings. He did. I found out he later got into crack and other drugs, so yay for me.” katrilli

5. This guy was just a psycho!

“I met a girl who was left by her fiancé the day of her wedding. He chose this time to inform her that he was already married and had his own family. He was extremely toxic, probably psychotic, and definitely a narcissist. She was devastated but it was good that he saved her a lifetime of misery.” dripless_cactus

6. That’s just mean!

“My aunt was left at the altar by her fiancé who just never showed up for the wedding. They were together for two years and lived together for one of them. He wanted to get married. She described the experience like suffering from a heart attack. The happiest day of her life turned into her worst nightmare. She has since seen many therapists, and deal with abandonment issues for years. She believes she’ll never be loved again. Don’t ever leave anyone at the altar, please.” Coderbuddy

7. Not only did he betray his fiancee, but his best friend too!

“My sister was left at the altar by my best friend. I was their best man, and she met him through me. We’re in the church, at the front waiting for the bride with around 15 minutes to go. He says he needs to use the bathroom then goes to the back of the church. A minute or so later, it dawns on me that the toilets aren’t at the back of the church. I go looking for him, and he’s nowhere to be found. He booked it out of there. We didn’t see or hear from him or his family in three days. We find out he’s now in Europe “staying with a friend” where he’s been ever since. It’s been three years now, and he’s never made any effort to explain his actions, even to my sister.” Thrownitawayday

8. These two just weren’t a good match

“My brother left his fiancé days before their wedding. As soon as he proposed, all she cared about was the wedding. He wanted a very small ceremony, and she wanted a huge one. She was VERY religious (Her father was a preacher), and he was not at all. She told him that she wanted him to become a deacon in her father’s church, and he told her no. Finally, he called it off. He said it was the hardest thing he had to do, but he knew it was the right choice.” biscuitfool

9. At least everyone had a good time!

“A wealthy cousin of mine had her fiancé disappear the day before the wedding. No explanation. Just left with a friend. His entire family and her entire family were in town for the wedding, so they skipped the ceremony and still had the reception. It was a huge party and the most fun non-wedding I’ve ever been to. There was a huge ‘screw-it’ attitude under the circumstances so everyone was allowed to drink and the band played whatever they wanted. Even the ditched bride had a good time.” bmorenursey

10. It’s just not happening

“A guy I knew did this. He was nice and very laid back. He was going to marry a toxic person.  Apparently, his friends had been telling him to break it off from the beginning but he wouldn’t listen. The woman he was going to marry was such an awful person. Like, really bad. They had an intervention for him the morning of the wedding and convinced him to leave. He showed up at a festival I was at, and I said “Hey dude! Aren’t you getting married today?” and he just looked at me and said, “Yeah, that’s not happening anymore.”” trjones1

11. He got the calling

“Two of my fiancé’s friends were going to get married. The groom struggled for years with a possible vocation to become a priest or start a family. The morning of the wedding had come, and apparently, he chose then to make his decision. Everyone is getting ready for the wedding, and the groom decided just to not show up, and be a priest instead.” Kristine6475

12. Sometimes you just can’t do it

“I left a man at the altar.  I was in my dress and getting ready to head to the chapel. I suddenly realized I couldn’t do it. I froze. I didn’t love him as much as I craved, and I knew that the security of a marriage wouldn’t fix that. He eventually found a lovely woman and they are very happy together. I don’t think either of us could have had that with each other.” Fluffledoodle

13. It all worked out in the end

“My fiancee decided to leave me the night before our wedding, but surprisingly I wasn’t mad. He came from a super religious family and finally confessed that he was gay, and that although he loved me, he wasn’t sexually attracted to me. He came out and told everyone. I supported his decision and we had the reception anyway. Not surprisingly, his religious family decided not to show up. We’re best friends to this day, and now he’s the Godfather of my child that I had with my new husband.” Deleted

14. This just adds insult to injury!

“My mother thought she was left at the altar by not only my dad but the minister in addition. She looked up and saw that nobody was waiting for her. Suddenly, the door flew open, and my Dad ran with his kilt flapping around him with the minister behind him. They had been drinking whiskey in the office and hadn’t realised the ceremony had begun.” Chel93xx

15. She just changed her mind!

“I was the one who was left at the altar. She didn’t show up. Her explanation was that she changed her mind. This coming from a girl who could never decide what to have for dinner. She might have her version of why she left, but I don’t think “I’m a self-centered idiot” is much a story.” ask_me_if_Im_lying

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