15 People Who Got Brutally Trolled With Photoshop

15 People Who Got Brutally Trolled With Photoshop

The photoshop wizards out there can perform miracles nowadays, it seems like everything you ever see online has had some photo editing done to it in some way. I’ve seen these photo editing pros do truly wonderful things but there are some who choose to use their powers for evil rather than good. If you’ve ever thought about requesting some clever photoshop work on one of your own photos, check these pictures out and think twice!

1. Well, he got exactly what he asked for!

But enough about the guy who requested the edit, what about the guy who’s actually wearing the suit? Who is he, where is he, and can I get his number?

2. Living life on the edge.

Yep, that definitely makes you look like a dangerous guy, now get away from me before you blow yourself sky high!

3. Spelling is very important

I think he’s done her a real favour here. Angel tattoos are a dime a dozen, but an angle? That’s truly unique.

4. Brings a new meaning to “just chilling by myself!”

At least you’ll all agree on what to eat and what to listen to on the radio!

5.  You asked for it!

Sorry ladies, but if you didn’t see this coming a mile away then you should probably get your eyes tested!

6. Legs eleven!

Her vanity got her nowhere but at least she’d be able to make her fortune as an Olympic runner with legs like those!

7. He asked for someone to photoshop his hand touching the Leaning Tower of Pisa…

If I’m completely honest, I think these make for much more memorable holiday snaps!

8. You posted it online, you knew the risks.

Come on, you REALLY didn’t think somebody was going to take advantage of this opportunity?

9. Well, I’m sure he is a handsome man

Come on, that action shot is way cooler than the lovey dovey fake boyfriend thing she was asking for! She should be grateful!

10. Karma just hit you right in the face

If you’re gonna be a horrible person to strangers on the internet, you should expect nothing less to come right back at you!

11. Fake? What do you mean fake?

No photoshop here, my friends, just 100% pure me. My chest is a slightly different colour? No, that’s just a trick of the light, I’m all man, baby!

12. Sometimes the easiest solution really is the best

This photoshop whiz isn’t your mother but he isn’t above telling you to do your chores. I love the subtle change on the tattoo as well, 10 out of 10, excellent photoshop work.

13.  How very romantic!

I’ve always wanted a picture of me and my partner sat looking longingly at beaches, this is just perfect.

14. There’s a hero inside of all of us…

Unfortunately, this guy is not finding his inner hero anywhere on the internet today.

15. How could this possibly go wrong? It’s fool proof!

Come on, this is the internet! You know that if there’s an opportunity to add some boobs into anything, they’re gonna take it!

There we have it folks, some of the absolute best Photoshop trolls on the internet in all their photo edited glory! If these gave you the laugh you needed today, why not share them with your friends and give them a good giggle too! Leave us a COMMENT to let us know which one was your favourite photoshop troll, and don’t forget to SHARE with your friends and family!