15 Low-Down Dirty Liars Caught Out On Social Media

15 Low-Down Dirty Liars Caught Out On Social Media

There’s always drama on social media, it’s practically what the stuff was invented for.

Wherever there’s drama, there’s exaggerations and lies, and where you get those things, there’s usually somebody lying in wait to call other people out. If there’s any justice in the world, anyway.

I’m a great believer in social media karma; if you don’t talk cr*p behind people’s backs and spread rumors, that stuff won’t turn around and bite you.

But if you’re one of those people… just you wait and see. Because somewhere, somehow, there is a social media ninja waiting in the shadows. Ready to pounce on you and your- holy catfish there’s one now! Ha ha, I gotcha, not really… but do you really wanna take that chance?

Social media ninjas come swinging in unseen, fighting injustice wherever it is found!

Nice work, food detective! Ninja awaaay!

Never trust an atom: they make up everything

You know you’d better strap in for any correction starting off with the words, “As a biochemist”! No fooling, you’re in for some schooling!

You’re gonna need a painkiller after this social media burn

You know that person is sickbed’s mom’s friend. It’s always your mom’s friends who embarrass you. Trust me, they remember when you were seven years old, they have serious dirt on you.

Haven’t you heard that painted selfies are the latest trend?

It’s really hard to hold that easel and artists’ palette at arms length for 60 hours.

IQ Test? She can’t even spell Charlie right!

I’m kidding! I’m just kidding folks, y’all can spell your name however the heck you want to!

Delete this immediately

Ouch. That’s got to hurt.

How long are the vlogs this guy does?

Apparently 24 hours each! That kinda math just doesn’t stack up, and the last commenter knows it.

Online pettiness can only go so far before that person needs a smackdown

Your life is going in the wrong direction if you have this much time and energy to dedicate to giving a drive-in a 1-star review on Facebook.

Let the buyer beware!

I like Dale Earnhardt Jr.! I have no freakin’ idea who the guy is, but he definitely just made my ‘people who are fine by me’ list.

He plays the race card…

Turns out she’s got a race royal flush. Read ’em and weep, original post guy!

Please stop, Kari

Don’t waste your hard-earned $$$$?Don’t waste your hard earned time smearing a former employer if you have a grudge against them! Time is the stuff that’s much harder to get back!

Guy tries to do the right thing, gets misrepresented

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a Sikh worked up about something. I guess that’s what it takes.

Just because you rename your friend Terry as ‘Seth Rogan’ in your phonebook…

That doesn’t make Terry Seth Rogan.

What? A burger?

Nope, it’s a gun.

Some people just go through life looking for drama

Respect your elders? How about respect everybody, get some back – nobody’s entitled to it, creepy photo-taking lady.