15 Incredibly Awkward Moments From The Oscars

15 Incredibly Awkward Moments From The Oscars

Being a celebrity is a lot of hard work.

You’re constantly in the public eye, your every decision and move is constantly criticised, and everything you do and wear is judged by a wide range of people from all around the world.

Being a celebrity is a full-time job, and I honestly don’t know how some people manage it.

Yes, it’s true that most celebrities are paid a lot of money, they get to travel all around the world, and they get to attend a lot of red carpet events, but is it really worth it?

Is the lack of peace and privacy really worth all the money and fame in the world? Maybe not.

But if there’s one thing we’ll all agree on, it’s that celebrities attend the best events.

Just look at all the high-end events they get to attend, award shows like the SAG Awards, The Golden Globes, and The Oscars!

I would love to be invited to the Oscars! Have you read about some of the stuff they give out in Oscar’s goodie bags?

Trips to Hawaii, expensive cat food, and free uber rides? Where do I sign up?

Not to mention the jewelry and clothes most celebrities are given to wear at these events!

Anyone of those dresses could probably pay off the rest of my mortgage!

The amount of money that goes into these award shows are insane!

But sometimes, these Hollywood events can get a little bit awkward. Sometimes the jokes made fall flat, or something goes terribly wrong.

Special Hollywood events like the Oscars can get very awkward sometimes.

Take a look at some of the most embarrassing and awkward moments from this year’s Oscars.

1. Don’t Trip

Jennifer Lawrence seemed to have a little trouble getting to her seat in time and ended up climbing over a few empty seats. 

That’s a risky move in such a nice dress!

2. Interview Crasher

During a red carpet interview, Nicole Kidman was surprised and looked a little bit annoyed when Sandra Bullock crashed her red carpet interview.

3. Let’s Take A Selfie

Celebrity reporter, Dave Karger, showed everyone exactly why you shouldn’t trust him to take a photo!

4. Called Out

Taraji P. Henson bravely called out Ryan Seacrest over his sexual harassment allegations.

Despite the fact that Ryan Seacrest recently has a number sexual harassment allegations leveled against him, E! decided to keep the host in his usual job on the Oscars red carpet. During his time on the red carpet, Seacrest avoided many celebrities who may have questioned him on the allegations.

But it looks like Taraji P. Henson managed to deliver subtle criticism in her interview with Seacrest.

5. That Fake Laugh

Taraji P. Henson awkward interview was then followed up with an even more awkward laugh.

6. Left Too Long

Mary J. Blige, as well as other performers, were left on stage for too long while the ceremony cut to commercial, it also seemed like the performance wasn’t over either.

7. Don’t Put It Down There

Because there were no podiums, a lot of winners had to put their Oscars on the floor!

8. Come Again?

During his speech, Sam Rockwell called a Jet Ski a “ski jet.” Maybe we should have given him a dictionary, not an Oscar.

9. Tuck It In

When you’re at a high-end event, you’re expected to look presentable. Clearly, Alex Gibson missed that memo because he forgot to tuck in his shirt.

10. No Handshakes

Ansel Elgort held his hand out for a handshake and was promptly rejected. Ouch!

11. A Different Entrance

Rita Moreno nearly fell over while walking out to present an award.

11. Sing It Out

Gael García Bernal may have looked good, but he was off key the whole time. I suppose the Oscars is a nerve-wracking experience.

12. The Theatre Crashers

Mid-way through the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel gathered a group of actors including Ansel Elgort and Gal Gadot, to surprise an unsuspecting crowd of moviegoers.

While it may have been a pleasant surprise, there were some people in the crowd seemed more confused than excited.

13. A Bad Introduction

As a result of the theatre crashing, an unexpected moviegoer introduced the next award, only to introduce Tiffany Haddish as Tiffany Hatson… Awkward!

14. Say It Again?

When Frances McDormand won best actress, the announcer called an Oscar an “Octor”. 

15. Cut Too Short

Guillermo del Toro barely managed to finish his best picture speech for “The Shape of Water” in time for the musical interlude.

But when it was producer J. Miles Dale turn to talk, he didn’t make the cut. The musical number had already started to play over him… Awkward!

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