15 Incredibly Awkward Celebrity Interactions That Will Make You Cringe!

15 Incredibly Awkward Celebrity Interactions That Will Make You Cringe!

Most of us, myself included, have a flawless image of what celebrities are like in our heads.

Celebrities are glamorous 24-7, and they’re always dressed in their best with not a single hair out of place.

This unrealistic expectation often helps to remind us that celebrities are ‘different’ from us. They’re more experienced in the world.

Obviously, this isn’t true. If anything this train of thought helps us alienate ourselves from those elites of Hollywood.

But the truth is that celebrities are just like us, and sometimes they decide to wear something that really doesn’t suit them or reminds us of something else!

It’s hard being a celebrity.

There’s often a constant pressure to look your best in every situation. This pressure is often put on them by the press and the paparazzi.

Embarrassing moments are just as common for celebs as they are for us! Forgetting someone’s right name and calling them something else is just a part of life we all have to deal with.

Celebrities are quite frequently idealized by us and the media.

We like to think of them as perfect, but the truth is, they’re far from that!

Awkwardness isn’t reserved for people who aren’t celebrities, it’s for everyone, and I mean everyone!

What’s often forgotten when it comes to celebrity life, is behind all the glitz and glamor, they are human beings with all their notorious deficiencies.

Here is a collection of infamous awkward moments that happened when two celebrities met.

These awkward moments will leave you laughing in your seat!

1) Tom Cruise And Oprah

Who can forget the infamous moment where Tom Cruise jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch while declaring his love for Katie Holmes?

I know I can’t. That moment is burnt into my memory!

Talk about awkward!

2) John Travolta And Idina Menzel

Remember when John Travolta introduced Idina Menzel by the wrong name?

He called her “Adele Dazeem”! It’s just another classic Travolta moment!

3) John Travolta And Scarlett Johansson

Yes, Travolta appears on this list a second time!

During a red carpet appearance, he decided to randomly kiss Scarlett Johansson

4) Nicki Minaj And Miley Cyrus

Remember that hilariously awkward moment where Nicki called Miley ‘tacky’?

Yeah, me too!

5) Drake And Madonna

While they were both on stage, Madonna decided to kiss Drake.

Unfortunately for Drake, he wasn’t expecting it, and he didn’t enjoy it.

Just look at his reaction!

6) Wendy Williams And Whitney Houston

When interviewing, it’s important that you don’t speak to the other person like a child.

Unfortunately for Wendy Williams she missed that memo and decided to talk to Whitney Houston about her drug intake

7) Chelsea And Ozzy

It also looks like Chelsea also missed out on that memo when interviewing Ozzy Osbourne!

8) Sasha Baron Cohen And Eminem

Remember that hilarious moment where Sasha swung into Eminem?

It was so awkward!

9) Ali G And Donald Trump

Sasha Baron Cohen appears on our list again as Ali G.

He awkwardly interviewed Donald Trump, and it was just too funny for words!

Donald didn’t look too impressed!

10) Emma Stone And Damien Chazelle

Who wouldn’t want a hug from the talented Emma Stone?

Apparently not Damien Chazelle!


11) Britney Spears And Miley Cyrus

Remember that hilariously awkward moment where Britney used a surfboard to avoid getting a hug from Miley?

It’s a classic moment!

12) Kanye And Taylor Swift

The classic moment soon became a viral meme, where Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech!

Ugh, wait your turn Kanye!

13) Lil Mama, Jay Z, And Alicia Keys

Who else remembers when Lil Mama invaded a performance by Jay Z and Alicia Keys?

Cringe alert!

14) Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry

Orlando’s ‘bloom’ soon became a hot topic of conversation after the pair were spotted together on a canoe.

15) Madonna And Courtney Love

And of course, who can forget this awkward celebrity interaction where Courtney Love threw her makeup at Madonna!

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