15 Frightened Men Share The Creepiest Pick Up Techniques Women Have Used On Them

15 Frightened Men Share The Creepiest Pick Up Techniques Women Have Used On Them

Normally, getting hit on is flattering and can be pretty awesome. It’s a boost to your confidence and who knows where your relationship may lead? Unfortunately, getting hit on can go horribly wrong, as the men of Reddit revealed when they were asked about the creepiest ways women had hit on them

1. That is not cute. That is not cute AT ALL.

“Sent me pictures of myself through my window from her parked car outside my apartment. The kicker was it was from an unknown number as she was using a third party messaging app.

She thought she was being cute, but it creeped the holy hell out of me.” Couch_Licker

2. Well, at least there were cheetos.

“In high school I played in the marching band, and before practice everyone hung out in the music classroom. I’m just hanging out in my chair, and out of nowhere some girl sits in my lap, puts her hand on my cheek and whispers, “I choose you!” She said it like Ash said it to Pikachu so that threw me off.

Also she had a cheeto in her hand like a cigar which threw me off. I didn’t know what to say but I got a strong urge to eat cheetos so I got a bag from the vending machine. Man they were good. They were the spicy kind too!” saltnotsugar

3. I only hope their flirting technique got better with age

“When I was in high school I had a girl hit on me by saying how much she liked my ears. I was sat playing computer games waiting for my mum to turn up. I’m like “uh, oh, okay.” Going right back to whatever flash game I was playing. She asked if she could take a picture of them. I just sort of let out a “uhhhh, okay?” And she did. I slyly messaged my mum, asking how far away she was. As soon as she got there I up and left, saying “bye” as I briskly walked away not waiting for a response.

I didn’t realise she was hitting on me until like 4 months later and we started dating. She didn’t know how to flirt, and I had no idea what it was like to be flirted with.” Jamesev93

4. That’s one wild ride!

“A girl reached out to me on FB who lived in my neighborhood, said she was looking for friends, and asked to meet up. Being new to the hood myself I said sure. We met at a bar and she was a little troll of a woman. She just had a nasty personality, and complained about everything.

I tried to be nice about having other plans and needing to go, but she followed me. I awkwardly let her tag along to a friend’s house. When we arrived, within ten minutes my friends soured on her and the host pulled me aside and said, you gotta get her out of here.

I offered to drive her back to her house, and when we arrived she asked me to come in. I politely declined, and she she said I could do whatever I wanted to her. I had no desire to do any such thing, so I said thanks but no thanks.

Then she said she wasn’t getting out of the car unless I came inside. After more deliberation I said ok and followed her to her door. She had a picket fence with a gate out front, so as soon as she went through the gate I closed it and ran back to my car.

She started yelling and screaming at me and tried to open the doors, which I had quickly locked. I tried to pull out of the space, but she blocked me in. I backed up onto the curb to get around her, and she pushed in my side mirrors and bent my antenna, screaming obscenities as I peeled out.

0/10 would not pay the troll toll again.” mostlyemptyspace

5. That’s one strange proposition!

“After I lost all this weight, I had a customer approach me and tell me his wife found me very attractive, and would I like to come home with them after work and have sex with her. She was standing like 10 feet away. When I looked at her she nodded at me. Seriously had no idea what to do.” Bowserbob1979

6. Awkward. So very awkward.

“I used to drive a limo (well, a sedan service, but it wasn’t a stretch). I picked up a rich, drunk, middle-aged couple, and the woman got her face up between the front seats and stared at me for a few minutes, then she said, “So, do you wanna [screw] tonight?”

I didn’t say anything, pretending she was not talking to me, and I met her husband’s eyes in the mirror. He was just rolling his eyes and shaking his head sadly. When we arrived at their resort, the bellmen had to literally drag her out of the car.” ccnova

7. That is NOT what you want to hear from a potential hook up!

Run into a girl I knew at the bar, we get to talking. She asks if I’m single these days, I say yeah. She writes her number on a napkin and says, “Call me this weekend.” Then she leans in, whispers: “I’m gonna make you wish you were never born.”

To this day I still wonder what the hell she meant by that, but damned if I was going to find out…” sxmanderson


8. She has your whole life planned out

“She gave me seeds. Vegetable seeds. Beans, cucumbers, tomatoes… For our future home garden.” pics-or-didnt-happen


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