15 ‘First World Problems’ That Will Leave You Feeling Slightly Annoyed

15 ‘First World Problems’ That Will Leave You Feeling Slightly Annoyed

There are a lot of things that we experience in everyday life that are really irritating. They’re not going to change our lives, they won’t cause us any harm, but they’re just… IRRITATING. These are called ‘first world problems’ – problems that we only notice because the rest of our life is so comfortable.

Here are 15 of them from around the web. I’m sure a lot of you will relate to these!

1. Rock lobster

This is one that the pale among us can relate to, big time. I hope for her sake that she doesn’t attempt to put any tight trousers on any time soon.

On a serious note, though, getting burned like this is really bad for your health. Wear sunscreen!

2. Hello pavement my old friend

I guess this would be the adult equivalent of dropping your ice cream cone on the floor as a kid. In adulthood, you might not cry, but the inner pain will be every bit as intense.

Come to think of it, maybe the adult equivalent is dropping your drink on the floor at the bar before you’ve even had your first sip. I’ve done both.

3. The worst thing you can find when putting on pants

WHY is the zip so shy all of a sudden? It only ever seems to happen when I’m in a huge hurry!

4. Ear we go

5. Tiny little parcels of pain

6. “This is why I wear backpacks.”

Have you ever noticed that you rarely see busty ladies wearing a bag like this? Well, now you know why. They just want to go about their business without being gawped at.

7. Okay, so where do we go from here?

8. Take that, rewind it back

9. Hey, good lookin’

10. At the end of every summer…

A throwback to some childhood pain, where summers felt like they would go on forever. But, of course, they did not. Just wait ’til you start working, kiddo!

11. I’m about to crack up over here

You know what, I hadn’t thought about this before, but I’ve literally never got a clean break on one these things. This will no doubt annoy the more obsessive-compulsive among us.

12. The bane of every household

Anyone who has lived with kids will know exactly how painful it is to stand barefooted on a Lego brick. It completely ruins your day.

13. Rest in peace, bucket meal

I mentioned earlier that the dropping of pizza onto the pavement was the adult equivalent of dropping your ice cream cone as a kid. I can’t even begin to describe the pain in picture above. It’s like a fast food bereavement.

14. It’s all over the front page, you give me road rage

This really is the most inconsiderate, douchebag-y thing you can do on the road without actually crashing into someone. I relate to this meme hard.

15. Square nug in a round hole


This is just sadistic on the part of this fast food joint. Personally, I’d be demanding a refund!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this silly gallery. I think we should all bear in mind that, if these things make our list of things to be annoyed about it, then generally speaking, we have it pretty good!

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