15 Embarrassing Moments That Will Haunt These Celebrities For Years

15 Embarrassing Moments That Will Haunt These Celebrities For Years

When we mess up, we either go red in the face, or laugh it off and get on with life. Hey, maybe somebody was filming on their phone while you messed up and it goes on Facebook for some of your friends to laugh at. Big deal.

But when celebrities mess up, well that’s a different matter. Their every move is being watched by cameras anyway, so there will definitely be somebody there to capture that.

Their lapses of judgment seem to be so huge at times that you wonder if they live on the same planet as us.

Of course, the answer is no, they live on planet freakin’ Hollywood. So when they do mess up, there are millions to bring them back down to Earth by pointing and laughing.

Just take a look at some of these poor saps!

Julianna Hughes’ poorly-informed Halloween costume choice

The Dancing with the Stars professional went as Orange Is The New Black character Crazy Eyes, who was played by black actress Uzo Aduba. Somebody should have told her that this is NOT okay.

Mel Gibson seems to have gotten himself back on track these days

But remember back when he was more famous for some really suspect things? Like screaming on tape at a screenwriter, being pulling over by the police and ranting on camera about anti-Semitism while being arrested for DUI, and a very public divorce from Oksana Grigorieva that included allegations of abuse and death threats. Wow.

Ashlee Simpson had an embarrassing lip-syncing moment on Saturday Night Live

Whatever happened to her? Her career might have stalled for now, but if there’s one thing people remember her for, it’s this.

Kristen Stewart might be a Hollywood star, but she went through a phase of being a professional freakin’ homewrecker!

She cheated on Robert Pattinson with married director Rupert Sanders, which ended up killing off both relationships! Smooth.

Katy Perry throws herself into a giant cake as part of her act

But her feet get so slippy that she can’t stand back up and she has to be carried off stage. This is actually pretty hilarious, and she laughs at herself the whole time!

Like the time that Jennifer Lawrence fell up the stairs at the Oscars

She found it hilarious and it got her a standing ovation. It just highlighted her slightly goofy, relatable personality for everyone to see.

Paris Hilton said homophobic things on tape, but later claimed they were “taken out of context”

I’m not sure how saying something like, “most homosexual men probably have AIDS” can be taken out of context, but okay! Good luck with whatever it is you do now, Paris.

Angelina Jolie had a weird make up disaster on the red carpet

It seems to have been down to translucent powder, which mattifies the skin without adding color. But it’s mostly used in studio photoshoots, so when lots of flashes went off at once, she ended up looking ghostly!

Christina Aguilera’s tan runs down her leg while performing at Etta James’s funeral

Yikes, it looks like she’s had herself an accident. Still, it could be worse. She could have REALLY peed herself.

Like Fergie did on stage with the Black Eyed Peas

Couldn’t she just have stopped to change her pants, rather than carrying on with a huge obvious wet patch over her crotch?

Zac Efron dropped a condom while he was on the red carpet

What’s so weird about that, you might ask? He’s a single successful movie star! Well those are good points, but answer me this. Why exactly would he need a condom at the premiere of children’s movie The Lorax?

John Travolta screwed up in epic style at the Oscars, pronouncing Frozen singer Idina Menzel’s name

She got him back in some style at the following year’s event when she introduced him onto the stage as “Glom Gazingo”.

Winona Ryder gets caught shoplifting 5,500 dollars worth of merchandise

In a department store in the middle of Beverly Hills, in 2001. That’s a pretty big mess-up. She says was clinically depressed at the time, the heavy painkillers she was prescribed had significantly clouded her judgment. Luckily, she’s on the mend now and appearing as Joyce Byers in the Netflix show Stranger Things.

Justin Beiber throws up on stage

Nothing that guy does seems to harm his career at all! He could even make a joke out of this puking incident afterwards, saying that “milk was a bad choice”. Zing!

Hugh Grant got caught with a prostitute in 1995

Ah, if there’s one celebrity mistake that’s more famous than all the others, it’s when Hugh Grant picked up prostitute Divine Brown on 27 June 1995. Well, it’s not so much picking her up that was the mistake as being ‘caught in the act’ with her, in a police vice operation not far from Sunset Boulevard. Grant was fined $1,180, placed on two years’ probation. On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he famously made excuses when Leno asked him, “What the hell were you thinking?”. Grant said, “I think you know in life what’s a good thing to do and what’s a bad thing, and I did a bad thing”. True, Hugh!