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They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, and that every set of eyes is unique. Each person has eyes unlike any others’ in the world, which is a pretty amazing thought.

Eyes are a part of the body that keep on being gorgeous for years, even if they’re not working properly. The eyes of our loved ones are so incredible to gaze into, and it can be one of the first thing that attracts you to your soulmate!

But some people’s souls shine out of their eyes a lot more than average. Some people have eyes so amazingly unique that you’ve never seen any like them before in your life!

Take a look through some of these photos and try telling us that these aren’t some of the most stunning eyes you’ve ever seen in your life before.

Blue eyes and red hair is such a winning combination!

She looks a little like princess Merida from the movie Brave!

Those are certainly some striking eyes that this young lady has!

What amazing patterns she has swirling around in there.

Look at these sisters with amazing eyes!

The girl on the right looks like her eyes are two very different colors too!

What colour would you even say this girl’s eyes are?

They look almost golden in places, but I guess they’re mostly green. They must look wonderful shades of color in different kinds of light.

She has some incredibly deep brown eyes!

With some people, you can’t even tell where their pupil ends and their colored iris begins!

She could grow up to be a model!

With icy blue eyes like that, she’s definitely got the natural characteristics it takes!

Wow, what an arresting image!

I don’t even know if those are real eyes or pigmented contacts or something, but it sure looks amazing!

Look at this little cutie

I guess smiling starts with your eyes and then spreads to the rest of your face! Well, it certainly does with this adorable snap.

What an incredible color for your eyes to be!

Like the color of stone!

Not only does this little girl have just about the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen…

But she has the most incredible kinda greenish blue eye color too!

Well he’s sure surprised about something!

I’m more surprised about his amazing eyes!

Wow, now that is one moody glare!

I would LOVE to have such striking eyes!

Those eyes of hers are so dark they almost look black!

She’s definitely a beautiful girl!

You can really see the contrast in this girl’s blue eyes in the child behind her!

It really makes her stand out in this pretty photo!

What color would you say these eyes are? Turquoise? Aquamarine?

Whatever they are, the photographer was definitely taken enough by them to pose this photo!

I think this girl also has eyes that are both different colors

it’s a condition called heterochromia iridum, and I think it’s startling!

Her eyes are made to look even more amazing by her dark hair!

The photographer sure knew what they were doing getting her to dress all in black too! She doesn’t even look like she’s wearing any makeup!

Are this girl’s eyes really three different colors all at once?

They’re blue, green and golden all at the same time! Is it just a trick of the light, or Photoshop, or is this really possible?

She looks like a superhero with silver eyes!

Now I’ve heard of blonde people have blue eyes lots of times, but going several shades lighter and having silver eyes? Now that must be rare.

I’ve heard that all babies are born with blue eyes, before they turn their real color

This little feller kept his amazing blue eyes and looks really adorable! What a handsome little man he is!

Do you know somebody with really beautiful eyes? Maybe someone you know has really striking eyes, or they’re an unusual or uncommon color for someone of their ethnicity!

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