15 Most Awkward Pregnancy Photoshoots Ever Staged! - Aunty Acid Buzz

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We all know the pregnancy and motherhood does strange things to your body and mind. For your body, it goes without saying. And they call it ‘baby brain’ for a reason, right?

But why the heck would it affect the father too? Don’t believe that it does?

Take maternity photoshoots for example. They can be an adorable or artsy memento of pregnancy. As if having a baby at the end wasn’t enough of a memento.

So, if baby brain doesn’t affect both mom and dad, how else do you explain expectant couples getting talked into the weirdest maternity photoshoots you can imagine?

It’s admirable that these folks want to record a magical time in their lives, but… come on. Really?

Did anybody else think this was one of those seaside pictures, where you both put your heads through the holes?

Well my cringe levels are on high alert already, I don’t know about yours.

How did Aunty Yaya get her nickname? Funny story…

Well, not so much funny as disturbing.

This dad has found a way of empathizing with his pregnant wife

Not a very good way, mind you.

Should I tell them or do you wanna?

It’s the circle of life… from The Lion King… but they’re dressed like… sure.

You didn’t know that gun-toting moms-to-be was a thing until now?

Well, you gonna learn today!

The theme for this couple’s themed Christmas card this year?

“Here’s both of us kinda naked! Merry Christmas!”

Mom was so pleased with this photo that she didn’t want her face in it

Yeah just try a slam-dunk when the baby gets here buster, you’ll be hauled up in front of child services quicker than you can say ‘Go Lakers’.

You think you feel awkward looking at this?

Imagine how uncomfortable it was anyone who knew this couple and saw their pregnancy photoshoot pictures!

Erm, I don’t know how to tell you this, so I’m just gonna come right out and say it…

You look like you’re covered in poop. Great practice for being a mom, I guess!

If you wanna be a moonchild nature hippy mom, that’s great

But becoming a tree is probably taking it a step too far.

Now that is one creepy face

What is he trying to convey here? ‘It’s all my own work’?

Well I just have all kinds of questions about this one

I mean, the main one is just ‘WHY?!’…

I REALLY hope the guy in the background was part of the photo shoot

This one was almost nice, if it wasn’t for creepy dad striking again.

If there’s one thing you definitely can’t do while pregnant

It has to be playing hide and seek.

It’s great to be a hands-on brother… but this is going a little too far

I love how disgusted the oldest brother looks with the whole thing. Actually, the youngest does too!

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