The 14 Winners of this Year’s Funniest Wildlife Picture Award

The 14 Winners of this Year’s Funniest Wildlife Picture Award

The blah award was set up in 2015 as a way to draw attention to wildlife issues in the US and across the world. It’s a noble cause, and it’s also produced some fantastic pictures! Here are the winners in their categories from this year, starting with the overall grand prize winner.

1. “Help” by Tibor Kerccz

Overall Winner 2017 “Help” And Winner Of Amazing Internet Portfolio Prize Tibor Kerccz For His Sequence Of 4 Owl Images

This amazing picture sequence of an owl struggling to get up on the branch with his friends is the overall winner of the competition, and it’s not hard to see why. So cute!

2. “The laughing dormouse” by Andrea Zampatti

Winner Of The Alex Walker’s Serian On The Land Category “The Laughing Dormouse” By Andrea Zampatti

This cute dormouse looks very cheery, but I think he might be sneezing due to a pollen allergy! Me and you both, kiddo!

3. “wtf” by George Cathcart

Highly Commended “Wtf” By George Cathcart

This seal looks utterly horrified and confused by what his friend is doing. “You’re doing me a scare, friend!”

4. Hitching a Ride by Daisy Gilardini

Highly Commended “Hitching A Ride” By Daisy Gilardini

What a great photo. I don’t think there’s anything in nature more cute and precious than baby polar bears. Stay well away though – mama bear can be very aggressive!

5. “All dressed up and ready for church” by Carl Henry

Highly Commended “All Dressed And Ready For Church” By Carl Henry

This church obviously has quite an exclusive dress code. Luckily, penguins look like they’re wearing tuxedos all the time, so they should be fine. I’ve never seen penguins off the ice before! Or in church, for that matter.

6. “Must have three-putted” by Douglas Croft

Highly Commended “Must Have Three-Putted” By Douglas Croft

I think the fox thought that he was helping the gold course owners out by pooping in the hole, so that he doesn’t ruin the nice clean grass. I feel sorry for whoever had to pick this one out.

7. “Cheering sea otter” by Penny Palmer 

Highly Commended “Cheering-Sea-Otter” By Penny Palmer

This is my personal favourite. Look at the joy on his face! He’s cheering you on to success. You can do anything with this otter on your side.

8. “Slap” by Troy Mayne

Winner Of The Padi Under The Sea Category “Slap” By Troy Mayne

This turtle clearly values his personal space. And I don’t blame him – the fish has the entire ocean to move around him, why’s he bothering the turtle? I love the facial expressions in this picture.

9. “Caught in the act” by Bence Mate

Highly Commended “Caught In The Act” By Bence Mate

This photographer caught these 2 bears up to no good. If you ignore the naughtiness going on, it’s a really good photo in terms of the lighting and the contrast.

10. “Monkey Escape” by Katy Laveck-Foster

Highly Commended “Monkey-Escape” By Katy Laveck-Foster

The monkey in control of the motorbike looks super chill. His friend on the back seat, not so much. They look like they just robbed a bank or something.

11. “Eh, what’s up doc?” by Olivier Colle

Highly Commended “Eh What’s Up Doc?” By Olivier Colle

It’s a real life Bugs Bunny! He has the same colour fur and everything. And not an Elmer Fudd in sight.

12. “Animal encounters” by  Jean Jacques Alcalay

Highly Commended “Animal Encounters” By Jean Jacques Alcalay

This wildebeest is probably keeping a lookout for predators, which is essential to survival in the wild. But how did he get himself up there?!

13. “Duck speed” by John Threlfall

Winner Of The Kenya Airways In The Air Category “Duck Speed” By John Threlfall

This duck lined up perfectly with this airplane trail in the sky. Either that or he just went into ducking overdrive!

14. “Mudskippers got talent” by Daniel Trim

Highly Commended “Mudskippers Got Talent” By Daniel Trim

I don’t want to pet these things, but they are cute in their own weird way I suppose. This is a great photo too. What do you think they are singing? Maybe Bohemian Rhapsody?

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