14 Pictures That Will Make All Parents Want To Pull Their Hair Out

14 Pictures That Will Make All Parents Want To Pull Their Hair Out

Being a parent can drive you crazy at the best of times, but sometimes it just totally gets the better of you and makes you consider giving it all up and buying a one way ticket to Hawaii. When will Mommy be back? Who knows! These parents are having that kind of day today and I guarantee that these pictures will make any parent feel like they’re going a little nuts.

1. There’s a diaper in the fridge. Why is there a diaper in the fridge?!

Kiddo, what part of your little brain convinced you that your dirty diaper just needed to be in the fridge?! WHY?!

2. When I told you you could have half of the strawberries, this is NOT what I meant.

Anyone want the rest of these? No? Me either.

3. When your kid drives his car through your hair when you’re not paying attention.

That kid looks way to happy about Mom’s distress. Somebody’s about to be grounded for a year.

4. This little one covered herself from head to toe with Burt’s Bees jelly.

This just enforces the age old parenting rule that if they’re being quiet, something very, very bad is happening.

5. Every parent’s worst nightmare summed up in one picture

And the debit card hack just adds insult to injury.

6. No sweetie, that’s not a foot bath built just for you.

And yes, now you do need a bath. Again.

7. You’re going to be finding traces of flour in your kitchen for the next 20 years.

Maybe teaching the kids to bake today wasn’t the best idea you’ve ever had.

8. The five little words that drive fear straight into any parent’s heart. 

“I cut my own hair!” Although I guess it could be worse, they could have cut every bit of hair off of their sibling’s head like my sister did to me when we were kids.

9. Don’t worry sweetie, Mommy didn’t want that new bed sheet after all.

Now go and play with your sister while Mommy cries in the bathroom.

10. Bringing slime home from school is one thing, leaving it all over the furniture is another.

My entire house looks like it’s been attacked by Slimer from Ghostbusters.

11. Somehow, I don’t think the doctor is going to believe that these are chicken pix, sweetie.

And now you’re going to complain when I have to scrub them off of your arms in the bath. You must really be desperate to get out of school.

12. What even was the point of this?!

Did he think the tissues were trapped in the box and wanted to be set free? We will never know.

13. No sweetie, this is NOT how you wash your doll.

And now dolly’s going to have to go into the washing machine and there’s a chance that she won’t survive with both of her eyes in place. This is the best day ever.

14. Because why wouldn’t you want to take half of your clothes off and go play with chalk in the drive way?

And now you need yet another bath. Joy.

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