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I don’t know about you, but I find that in bed, if it’s 6 am and I close my eyes for five minutes, it’s 7:45. But at work, if it’s 4:30 and you close your eyes for 5 minutes, it’s 4:31.

My first thought on getting up in the morning? “But, I got up yesterday”! I would much rather stay in my bed, that magical place where I suddenly start to remember all the cr*p that I have forgotten to do!

Sure, I’ll admit I’m on a very tight schedule of getting nothing done in work, but animals don’t have that worry!

So you’ll often find them falling asleep wherever they please, probably just to make the rest of us jealous.

Taking naps sounds so childish… I prefer to call them horizontal life pauses. But animals? Well, they just call it ‘life’!

It’s so hot that this dog has melted

Here’s a little known fact for you about your favorite pets. Did you know that underneath their fur and skin, dogs are actually completely liquid? That’s why they’re so obsessed with bones.

I thought coffee was meant to perk you up?

And this, my friends, is a cat-uccino! Thank you and goodnight, I’m here all week!

It’s not just cats that catch a nap!

I wonder what this dog is dreaming about? Probably about being surrounded by all of its favorite food and… Hey wait, it’s a dream come true! Wake up little buddy!

This little guy will perk up when he hits the pet food aisle

This is exactly how we all went around the grocery store with our moms when we were young. She always said we were only going in for a minute, then it seemed like we were walking around for months! Just pick any brand of fabric softener and let’s go home!

Waiter? There’s something in my coffee

I think I’ll take my chipmunk with a little milk and two sugars, please. He obviously had the decaf, I don’t usually sleep for 2 or 3 days after drinking a coffee.

Does anyone know what kind of fruit this is?

It’s furry like a kiwi fruit, but it doesn’t taste anywhere near as nice.

Something tells me this corgi doesn’t like the vets

Just lay still long enough, little corgi, and maybe they’ll forget you’re a dog! To understand the plank, first you must become the plank. Be at one with the plank!

What else would this case be made for?

Okay, I’ll just get my guitar out for the big show tonight… oh, not again! I hope you’ve warmed your voice up, Fido! You’re my instrument now, boy!

I guess this got his ‘seal’ of approval

“Hey humans! I hope you don’t mind that I use your big white noisy floating rock to have a nap! Just act like I’m not here, I promise I won’t be a nuisance at all. Ooh, is that a sandwich?”

You know when you just can’t keep your eyes open

Well, it is an arm rest. Just because your human-sized arms are the right size to fit on that thing doesn’t mean that all animals can’t enjoy them too. You selfish people!

This kitty’s cold is beginning to get it down

What if this cat has just found out it’s allergic to cat hair? That would be a bummer. Whatever it is, that’s a whole box of soggy tissues right there. It’s a good job you’re so cute, you furry little vandal.

Cats are not suitable for the dryer, so you have to hang them out to dry

That looks like the least comfortable place you could’ve found, cat. Also, it’s laundry day, so why don’t you go sleep on your cat bed? I spent $99 on that thing two months ago and you haven’t so much as looked at since!

I forgot my purse. Do you take cats as payment?

I know there’s a sticker on the window that says ‘We accept contactless payment’, but stores usually don’t accept cats instead of money. Check with them to be certain!

Dramatic bunny flop away!

Don’t you hate it when people can fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow? Annoying, right? Turns out bunnies are exactly like that. So, not all cute and snuggly are they?

Call that laziness? I’d say it’s more like ‘selective participation’… and when it comes to animals, they’re extremely selective! Of course your cat heard you calling from downstairs. Didn’t you hear it ignoring you?

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