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Some sights will infuriate you just to look at. And I’m not talking about the scoreboard showing the home team are getting beaten again.

You know, those little annoyances in life. Like somebody has done a cr*ppy job of slicing a pizza and now there are some huge slices and some teeny ones. When somebody opens a bag of chips upside down. You know, when things are done wrong.

Well for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction, right? So surely for every annoying sight in the world, there’s one that will calm you back down.

A perfectly sliced pizza, a nice bag of chips, a last minute comeback for your team.

Makes you forget all that madness and remember that there’s beauty in the world after all, and that beauty is mostly symmetrical.

This boxed set of Harry Potter novels only fit in once

Once you have taken the books out, or opened them, they won’t go back in. I guess that’s one way of always making sure you’re reading one!

Whoever said working in a book store is one of the most pleasurable jobs in the world has it spot on

My first question about this is, why is a spiral of stacked books so satisfying to look at? And my second question: why aren’t all books stacked like this?

Don’t look at me! I’m hideous!

This apple looks like it’s trying to grow a second apple or something. Well, I think it’s an apple anyway, that could be anything from a pepper to a melted candle as far as I can tell.

On the other hand, this apple is about as close to perfection as you’re gonna get

Has that thing been polished or something? Cos, wow!

The ultimate betrayal

Bet you didn’t think a piece of fruit could really be evil, but I guess bananas must get together and plot these things.

Never mind, here’s a pristine banana to soothe you

I didn’t ever think I’d meet a handsome banana but, well, here we are.

Why would you make an egg holder in a fridge with 11 spaces?

If you’re a freakin’ maniac, that’s why! I guess I’m having one poached egg to go with dinner tonight then. What’s for dinner? Tacos… great.

Look at these happy little eggos 

All huddled together and looking bright and sunny, doesn’t it make you smile?

If somebody asks for a bite of your ice cream and gives you this back…

You have my permission to disown that person. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Then you can go ahead and buy yourself one of these bad boys

Think how much you’ll enjoy it, knowing that nobody is going to gnaw the cone in half!

Would you like a mint? Sure, I’ll take a m- never mind

In fact, why don’t you go ahead and throw that whole pack away? Right. This. Instant.

These Tic Tacs are all lined up facing the same way

Like ducks in a row!

This is what you get when you hire cowboy builders to come and fit a bathroom

I guess you could say that sink is out of sink.

When you get the professionals to work, they make a proper job of it!

That’s a bullseye right there.

Cats are evil, there’s no way of getting around it

I mean, they’re animals, so they can be excused for pooping where they shouldn’t every now and again. But missing TWO freakin’ litter trays is just plain evil. Cats were put on this planet to torment us, and to enjoy our misery.

So we have to get back at them every now and again

Like by making them stand in egg boxes so that their cute little footsies land in the little compartments perfectly. Okay cat, now stay! Said no cat owner to their pet ever.

If you’re one of those people who just dumps something they don’t want anywhere in the grocery store, leave now and never come back

Who’s ever been so desperate for a bottled water that they dumped most of a week’s worth of shopping in the cabinet? Did they suddenly remember they were deathly allergic to chicken, dairy and diet whatever the heck that stuff is?

Someone has taken a lot of care to arrange these drinks in color order

Bless you sir or madam, we need more people like you working in convenience stores all over the world!

What kind of freakin’ barbarian would leave a toothpaste in this kind of state?

Never trust anybody who squeezes toothpaste from the middle of the tube. That’s my life motto and I’m sticking to it! This person on the other hand? There isn’t a bottomless pit deep enough for them to be heaved in!

But if you like swirly things, MAN have we got a treat for you!

If you like swirly minty things, I guess this must be heaven for you. Doesn’t happen most days, does it?

This bread is made up of nothing but secrets and lies and… well, air mostly…

Even the dog in the background is looking at it suspiciously and keeping it’s distance. The dog knows that thing is cursed!

On the other hand, this sliced loaf is an accidental masterpiece of wonder

Mmm! Oooo! That’s the good stuff right there, I can feel my soul being soothed just looking at that. Turns out swirly bread is my new favorite kind of bread, I just decided!

This person’s new boxed up mattress doesn’t QUITE fit in their car

I guess this separates the people who really get annoyed with this type of stuff from the rest of us. Because if that was me, that freakin’ box would be getting shoved into that car anyhow. It’s a freakin’ mattress for goodness’ sake!

Then again, this squeegee fits perfectly in this person’s window pane

Surely life doesn’t get much better than that, right?

What in the heck is going on with this crazy paving?

It’s like they tried to do the right thing, but then somebody just had some kind of paving meltdown and decided to do the unthinkable instead!

What about these two sets of tiles? Feeling calmer now?

Somebody has taken some extra care and attention lining this up perfectly, and you’ve just gotta love that.

Annoyed that this guy’s t-shirt definitely doesn’t make a circle at all?

Why would somebody buy something like that? Because they’re insane, or because they wanted to annoy everybody else in the world. I can’t think of any other reasons why!

Have a soothing gif of somebody drawing a perfect circle freehand

Now doesn’t that make everything seem right in the world?

So how annoyed were you by these images, on a scale of 1 to 11? Just kidding folks, let us know those little sights in life that really tick you off with a COMMENT. Don’t forget to keep annoying your friends and family with a SHARE too!