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Have you ever come up with something that you thought was a million dollar idea? But then the more you thought about it, the stupider it sounded.

I mean, who would buy a plant pot on wheels anyway? So you forget all about it.

Well, some people don’t go through to the second part. They think something is a million dollar idea, and then go ahead and try to get it made! They want those million dollars so bad that they don’t care how stupid their invention is!

You’ve got to respect their drive and enthusiasm, even if their products deserve no respect whatsoever.

Have a look at some of these wacky inventions, and try telling me they aren’t the most useless things you’ve ever seen in your life.

I love the selling points for these chopsticks with training wheels

No more embarrassing moments! Impress your friends! Like both of those things are going to happen! This is the most embarrassing cutlery set I’ve ever seen, and my friends are definitely gonna be the first ones to laugh at me.

Another invention with amazing selling points: Never touch your pet again!

As if that’s a good thing! Nothing quite says ‘I’m an awful human being’ like being too busy to pet your dog.

Well, I can’t see any problems with this invention, let’s just start making it!

I can’t help but thing that this wasn’t exactly designed with the needs of the wearer in mind. Can you think of a better invention than something for a stranger to be able to remove your underwear quickly and easily? Cos I freakin’ can’t!

Wait, I think I just found a worse invention

Is this for people who’s hands look like butts? Those paws must be hairy!

You know when you have a leftover slice of pizza and you want to save it until later?

No, what is this ‘leftover pizza’ of which you speak? Well anyway, if for some reason you want to carry a slice around on your person, then the Pizza Pouch is just the thing for your weird tastes!

For when you really, REALLY don’t want people to see what you’re doing on your laptop

There’s this thing which will make you look like some kind of weird scary alien creature. But whatever it is you’re into – and maybe it’s red hot weird scary alien creature on weird scary alien creature action – it will remain a secret!

On first glance, this actually looks like a really good invention

Then I guess you remember you have lungs. Who the heck was this designed for, people with serious asthma, but who love boiling hot noodles too much to give them up?

Confuse strangers with these shoes with a painted toe nail design!

What’s going on? Is that person wearing see-through shoes? Do they have tights on over those high heels? Maybe they’re in bare feet but they have hideously deformed heels! Who can tell!

This is a belt that also doubles up as a tape measure

I guess because you know your waist size, it makes it much easier when buying new pants. But that’s probably about 0.1% of the time. The other 99.9%, you’re just showing off your waist measurement to every stranger who looks! And who the heck would want to do that?

Okay, I think I know what I want for Christmas!

Just make sure you watch your hands before playing golf on the potty. And after. And bleach the golf club too. Actually now I’m thinking about it, burn the whole freakin’ thing. Christmas is canceled.

Did you ever think you would find yourself needing pizza scissors?

No? And yet here we are! This actually looks incredibly handy, where can I get myself a pair to call my own?

This is a cellphone with a built in razor

Because if you’re a guy, everybody loves to get a phone call with the sound of a razor coming down the line incredibly loudly. And if you’re a girl, everybody loves getting a phone call and talking to your freakin’ calves!

What the heck are these things, feet pants?

Shoe jeans? Sheans? If you have trouble describing something, then that’s a pretty good sign that you don’t need it in your life.

This is a flip-out door opener key ring, in case you couldn’t tell

So that you can open doors without washing your hands I guess. Like the world’s cr*ppiest superhero!

Have you ever seen inventions even stupider than these? Well we love stupid, that’s why we keep you around! Only freakin’ joking! But if you have seen weirder contraptions than these, let us know with a COMMENT! Don’t forget to SHARE these weird and wonderful creations with your family and friends!