14 Hilarious Dad Fails That Will Make Moms Everywhere Panic

14 Hilarious Dad Fails That Will Make Moms Everywhere Panic

Dads, you’ve gotta love ’em! Maybe they don’t get everything right first time, but who does? And let’s face it, parenting is a huge learning curve that not everyone can just take to naturally! These Dads are making their way through the parenting process slowly but surely and they might not be perfect, but at least they’re doing the best they can. Here are 14 hilarious Dad fails that you know would have made these kids’ Mom’s panic and never want to leave their child ever again!

1. This Dad knows he’s messed up. You can see it all over his face.

To be fair, it’ll make a good story. “Remember that time I almost fed you to a camel, son?” One for the family album, that’s for sure!

2. This kid has seen things she’ll be glad to forget. The only time anyone has ever regretted a piggy back.

Although, the alternative was putting the child down in the mens room, and nobody wants to go near that floor.

3. You turn around for one second and they get their hands on everything.

This is not how he imagined taking his son for his first drink.

4. And a nerd was born. The force is with her, she’ll live long and prosper, and wait patiently for her letter to Hogwarts.

At least she’ll never have to worry about teaching her Dad to use the internet.

5. Thanks for the ride to school Dad. Really.

This kid got a really bum deal here!

6. The tooth fairy is getting harder to please every year.


7. Well, at least the ketchup isn’t going to waste.

The baby’s face is telling me that this isn’t the first time this has happened.

8. This can’t be good for the baby

I know you should be giving the baby a bottle, but a bottle of ketchup is too much!

9. Go on kids, pedal faster!

Daddy’s just taking a break for a second. Or a minute. Or maybe more like an hour.

10. This couldn’t possibly go wrong!

I’ll bet that the next photo they took did not have a happy smiling child in it.

11. The moment before disaster happens

That kid’s about to get the shock of his life! At least it looks like someone’s off to the right there ready to catch him.

12. No baby carrier? No problem!

The baby looks like he’s trying his best to convince himself that everything’s fine when everything is not fine.

13. I’ll bet you could hear the crying a mile away!

“But Daaaaaad, it’s myyyy turn on the computer!” Sorry kid, Dad is not on your side right now.

14. Well, that’s one way to get him off of the floor during a tantrum.

This kid’s going to be telling his therapist about the time his dad treated him like a blocked toilet for years.

What’s the funniest Dad fail you’ve ever seen? Did your Dad or your partner make a hilarious parenting blunder? Tell us all about it in the comments section and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends!