13 Ways The Moons On Your Nails Can Reveal Health Problems

13 Ways The Moons On Your Nails Can Reveal Health Problems

Have you ever looked at the little moons at the base your nails and wondered what they mean? Nope, me either! I very rarely give them a second thought and, if I’m honest, mine are normally covered up with nail polish. But these little moons, which are actually named lunula, could tell us more about our health than you’d think! Here are 13 ways that these little lunulae can let us know if there’s something wrong.

1. Large lunula

If the moons on your fingernails take up over a third of your nail, then they’re considered large. They could be trying to warn you about problems with your cardiovascular system or high blood pressure, but are also found on those who are highly physically active. I guess that explains why mine aren’t that large!

2. Small lunula

As you’d expect, small lunulae indicate pretty much the opposite of large lunulae. Those with small moons on their nails could be dealing with low blood pressure and often have a poor immune system. Next time you need a day off of work, just blame your lunula!

3. Pale/white lunula

Good news, the natural colour of these little moons is white, so if they’re paler than your natural skin colour you’re winning! Good for you!

4. Grey lunula

If your lunulae are grey, then you’re going to want to take a good look at your sleep pattern. You’re probably not getting enough sleep and may also be having trouble with your digestive system.

5. Lunulae that are separate from the rest of the nail plate

This can indicate problems with the sugar levels in your body and could also indicate the possible development of diabetes in future. Time to pay more attention to how much sugar you eat!

6. A lunula on your pinky finger

The lunula on your pinky should be invisible or unnoticeable, if yours is particularly large or distinct it could indicate issues with your heart or kidneys.

7. Black lunulae

This one’s really rare and indicates heavy metal poisoning. And yes, I mean actual poisoning and not just an extreme aversion to Metallica.

8. A small lunula on your thumb

The lunula on your thumb represents the work of your lungs and should take up no more than 25% of your thumb. If you’re a smoker, chances are the lunula on your thumb will be smaller than that of a non-smoker.

9. Purple lunulae

Purple moons on your fingernails can indicate poor blood circulation, which can lead to dizziness and terrible headaches.

10. The lunula on your ring finger

The moon on the nail of your ring finger relates to the reproductive and lymphatic system. If there’s no lunula on your nail at all, it could also be reacting to digestive problems. See? Your ring finger can tell you more than your relationship status!

11. Pinkish-red lunulae

Those of us with pinkish-red lunulae probably aren’t the most active people. It shows a lack of physical activity and might even indicate lung problems. Time to find a type of exercise you’d enjoy, like poodle aerobics!

12. The lunula on your index finger

This finger relates to your intestines and pancreas. Lack of a lunula can mean that mean that these organs aren’t functioning properly, just thought I’d point that out!

13. The lunula on your middle finger

This finger relates to your brain and cardiovascular system. If you don’t have a moon on your little finger you could have high blood pressure.

Have you ever looked at your lunula and wondered if they’re telling you about your health? Do any of the descriptions on our list describe your lunula? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!