13 Things Women With A Chubby Tummy Will Relate To

13 Things Women With A Chubby Tummy Will Relate To

No two people have the same body, that’s one of the wonderful things about life!

Some of us have big boobs, aren’t so lucky. Some of us have a big bum, some of us don’t. And then some of us have flabby little stomachs.

We’re all beautiful in our own ways! So here are a few things all you chubby-bellied girls out there will be able to relate to!

Here are a few things that might just ring true if you have a little chubby stomach….

1. Low-cut jeans are not your friend

In fact low-cut clothes, in general are a no-go! Forget about wearing anything cropped with skinny jeans because your little rolls will find a way out.

2. You struggle to find skinny jeans that fit both your waist and your legs

If you’ve got a booty to match your tum then you’ll find that you usually have to buy stretch jeans to fit them both. Then if you have no junk in your trunk, then you usually end up having to shop around until you finally manage match a pair of jeans to your lower half.

3. You usually end up having to pull your jeans over your tummy just to keep them up

Having a tummy isn’t all bad! It definitely keeps your pants up and it stops your tights from sliding down too. So really, you’re lucky to have that tummy because there’s NOTHING more annoying than having to pull your jeans up every five minutes!

4. High waisted jeans ARE your friend!

But you usually tend to stay away from them when you’re going out for food. Forget about being able to do things like breathe! Plus you can’t eat much or your belly just ends up pushing your jeans out so you look three months pregnant.

5. Your tummy looks flat when you lay down

But sitting up is when the rolls come out to play! But it’s fun to play around with your rolls after a big meal when they’re looking extra chubby.

6. It definitely doesn’t look flat laying on your side though!

Welcome to Jelly Town! Population: your boobs and your belly!

7. You can sit and play with your rolls when you’re bored

Be thankful for your rolls! They give you endless entertainment when you’ve got nothing better to do that slob out on your couch and watch TV. They’re great to just play with and jiggle.

8. Ugh belly sweat!

It’s never nice. Those rolls are not good to you on hot days, when you end up with a little pool of sweat between every belly crease! So reconsider wearing anything tight and grey on a hot day, you’re asking for trouble doing that!

9. Your belly can often poke out further than your boobs

Especially if you’ve eaten a lot that day. It all depends how big ‘the girls’ are, but you can often find that your belly will stick out A LOT more than your boobs. People might even start looking at you like you’re eating for two, if you catch my drift. Just cut them off if they look like they’re about to ask about a due date!

10. Your stomach works as a pillow for your boyfriend

For your boyfriend, for pets, small children… larger children! It’s perfect! Forget about using your boobs as a cushion, it’s all about the belly pillow! Those rolls were given to you for a reason!

11. Your boyfriend has probably grabbed one of your rolls at some point too

And if he hasn’t grabbed one yet, he probably will soon.

12. You’ve probably found all sorts of stuff in your belly creases

Crumbs can get lost in those rolls for hours! You can often find the crumbs from your morning toast hidden between your belly creases. Sometimes it’s like there’s enough for a snack later!

13. If you weren’t blessed with a butt, you’ll understand the dreaded jeans gap

You find a nice pair of jeans, then when you try them on… they make your bum look like a freakin’ steak! How annoying! That jeans gap can just ruin your entire outfit outright.