13 Reasons Why The Housework Is Never Finished

13 Reasons Why The Housework Is Never Finished

Those household chores are just never done! As soon as you get to the end of them, the house is dirty and it’s time to start all over!

It would be great if somebody else would do them, but the whole place would fall apart if you didn’t!

So there’s nothing to it but to do it!

You’ve just gotta get your list of chores and get on with it. Nobody likes to do it, but it’s just part of life!

Well, you’ve just got to make the best of what you can, put on some music and start cleaning!

1. You get your list of stuff to get on with in the morning and you can’t wait to get started!

It’s gonna be so great to do all those things that you never get time to do usually!

2. Then it’s time to spring into action

You’re locked and loaded, and fully armed with every single cleaning tool and spray bottle you can carry in an empty bucket. That house ain’t gonna know what’s hit it!

3. Yes sir, you’re getting a whole heck of a lot done today!

It feels satisfying as heck, just like this! Once everything is clean and sparkly, you’ll feel all clean and sparkly inside.

4. You feel like a freakin’ superhero getting everything done at once

When you first start out, there’s no stopping you. You’re whirling around like the Tasmanian Devil from the cartoons, there’s dirty washing and mops and cloths flying everywhere!

5. Then you’ve got to go outside

Yup, stage 2! The car… the outside windows… the windowsills… the driveway. Sheesh, maybe this was a bit of a tall order. It’s starting to get pretty tiring.

6. There’s always something stopping you from getting on with stuff

Or more accurately, somebody! Once the kids get home from school, that’s when everything stops. Other people need attention, not just those grubby inanimate objects around the place.

7. Everyone else in the house couldn’t be bothered lifting a finger

They’re the ones who are creating the mess, and you’re stuck with cleaning it up! All of a sudden, that doesn’t feel like it’s that fair! Why should they have all the messy fun?

8. Everybody else just looks at you like you’re the weird one for doing all this stuff

It’s like they think the house gets cleaned by magic fairies who come in at night! But if it wasn’t for you, they wouldn’t have a single thing to wear in about 5 seconds flat!

9. Well, there is one person who appreciates it anyway

This guy is obviously loving the cleaning. There’s usually at least one person in the house who appreciates it. But even they’re not gonna offer to help, you can bet your life on that!

10. But what the heck is it with people when you start doing jobs around the house?

All of a sudden they can’t wait to stop you from what you’re doing for some reason! It’s not like they even look up from their phone at you for the rest of the freakin’ time!

11. Wouldn’t it just be a heck of a lot easier if we could all cheat at the housework all the time?

You know, just sweep everything under the rug. Hide it all in the closet under the stairs. Basically wait for some other poor sap to come across, and then it’s their problem, not yours.

12. At the end of all that cleaning, you’ve got a right to be kinda crabby!

You’re more likely to take somebody’s head off than look at another duster for one day!

13. Somebody comes in and makes a mess straight away

And you feel like piledriving the freakin’ vacuum cleaner into him. Or her. But most likely, him.

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