12 Signs Of Cancer That Women Often Ignore

12 Signs Of Cancer That Women Often Ignore

Everybody’s body changes as they grow older and women especially seem to go through so many changes that it’s easy to write off a new change as something normal. Unfortunately, that means that women often overlook signs that could be pointing to cancer, thinking they’re just a normal part of growing older. The signs on this list may well be normal, but they are things that you should definitely get checked out by your doctor, just in case cancer is the real cause.

1. Changes to your skin

Your skin can tell you a lot about the state of your health. If you notice that you’ve developed more spots on your skin or that a mole or freckle has grown or changed shape, you should show the area to your doctor. They’ll be able to perform a biopsy and see if it’s anything you should be worried about.

2. Unexpected weight loss

Suddenly dropping a few pounds won’t seem like bad news to a lot of women, I know I’d be thrilled by it, but if you haven’t changed your diet or work out routine then you should be suspicious about the cause. the unexpected weight loss could just have been caused by stress, but it’s also possible that your body could be battling with colon or pancreatic cancer.

3. Bloating

Okay, we all feel a little bloated after a heavy meal, and some women bloat up when it’s their time of the month so it could be nothing to be alarmed about. However, if your bloating is accompanied by weight loss or bleeding or happens constantly, it’s time to consult your doctor, as bloating could be a symptom of a few different types of cancers.

4. Blood in your pee or poo

The most common reason behind blood in your urine or poo is haemorrhoids. These are easily dealt with, but the blood could also be a symptom of colon cancer. Any unusual bleeding should be checked out from your doctor, no matter what part of your body it’s from, especially if it lasts for more than two days.

5. A cough

Coughs usually subside within four weeks, even the most stubborn ones, but if your cough hangs around any longer than that then you should get it checked out. A cough is a common sign of lung cancer, so make sure you have it checked by a doctor, especially if you’re a smoker.

6. Changes in your breasts

A lump in your breast may not mean cancer, but if you find one you should see your doctor straight away. Any changes in your breasts should be checked out, including changes to your nipples. If your nipples are suddenly red, scaly turning inwards, or creating discharge, take yourself to the doctor and tell them about it.


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