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We all go through hard times in our lives, where we take knocks and blows, little things that take away our self confidence.

It’s through difficult times and through struggles that we find direction and purpose.

Sometimes making necessary sacrifices to keep going can seem daunting and almost impossible at times.

But it’s important that we find beauty in ourselves and see how amazing we really are.

It’s never fun going through things like this, and it can often lead to us under estimating our capability.

We end up underestimating just how fabulous and awesome we are!

Check out these reasons why your the Queen of Awesomeness without even knowing it!

Reason 1. You’re Pretty Fine

That’s right I said it. Your pretty good looking!

No seriously though, you’re pretty than you give yourself credit for. Don’t believe anyone who tells you different. If you don’t agree, then it’s just because you don’t see it.  

Reason 2. You Have a Great Smile

Don’t think I didn’t see you smiling as you were reading number 1 up there!

That big grin could light up anyone’s day, and it probably has and it probably has a number of times too. When you genuinely smile, it’s contagious. It’s like a shining star.

Reason 3. Your Laugh

Your laugh is like little rays of sunshine. They make us feel all warm and fuzzy. Fuzzy is always a good thing! Your laugh makes other people feel good.

Reason 4. The Funny Little Things You Do

All those weird little things you do without even thinking about it make you, well, you.

Like the thing you do when you’re nervous. Or when you’re really, really hungry, or even when you’re mad.  You see how awesome you are?!

Reason 5. The Way You Dress

You have a style all your own. People might try to do your look, but only  you can rock that look! That’s right. You wear it well, and you never wear it out.

Reason 6. Your Positivity

You’re a “cup is half full” kinda person, and I like that! It’s a good quality to have in a bad situation. It’s a rare quality to have too!

People love to be around people like you!

Reason 7. You’ve Got Integrity

The salt of the earth you are. You always try to do what’s right by yourself and by others. It’s very noble. You could never be bribed into doing something or saying something you didn’t believe in.

Not even torture would work to take away your integrity. You’re rock solid. A straight arrow. And your word is your bond.

Reason 8. You Care About Others

Sure, you can be self centred at times – but who isn’t? It’s human nature. It’s part of our survival instinct.

But at your core, you are genuinely concerned with the well being of others.

If you won the lottery you’d most likely retire your parents, send them on a vacation. You would donate to charity, maybe even start your own, and help your friends out before considering spoiling yourself.

Reason 9. You Can Be Trusted

People know they can tell you their secrets and you won’t tell a soul. You’re no gossip either, which is especially hard to do, being that gossip seems to be a national pastime for most people.

Your capacity to be trusted allows others to rely on you. You can always be counted on.

Reason 10. You Want to Make a Difference

You really want to have a positive influence on the world. You’re going to figure out some way to impact this world, leave behind a legacy of changed lives in your wake. No matter the size of the impact, somehow, some way, you will leave your mark on the world.

Reason 11. You’re NOT Perfect

No one wants to be around a perfect person. How boring would that be? Superman is perfect and that’s why very few people like him. We’re all flawed in one way or another. It’s just how the world works.

Besides, if you were perfect, your ego would be all bloated and stuff! No one wants that.

Reason 12. You’re the BEST at being YOU!

Can’t nobody do you like you, baby!

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