12 Hilariously Awkward School Photos from the 80s

12 Hilariously Awkward School Photos from the 80s

School is an awkward experience at the best of times. Every day is a challenge, and on top of it you have to try to look your best in whatever clothes your parents have nought for you.

Unfortunately, we also had to go through the yearly ritual of humiliation that is the school photograph. Here’s a few that the grown-up kids in these pictures won’t be happy to see again…

1. Little house on the scary

This young girl is clearly full of the joys of spring, but the combination of the blouse, the blonde mullet, and the wild-eyed grin is just a bit… unsettling. I’m sure she grew up to be very pretty.

2. Metal to the core

This boy is so damn heavy metal that he couldn’t even take a break from it for his school photo. I’d love to have heard the conversation between him and his mother that morning.

3. Hair-raising

Does anyone else think that this girl looks like a much younger, much dorkier Paris Hilton? ¬†Seriously – if you put those glasses on Paris and exposed her hair to some static electricity, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

4. Bowling green

This was another popular hairstyle when I was coming up – I call it the ‘bowlhead’, because that’s literally what our parents used to do – put a bowl over our heads and cut along the edge of it. Thankfully, I don’t have any photos of mine. Side note – I don’t know if this is a boy or a girl, but I’m jealous of how shiny their hair is.

5. On track

There’s nothing more 80s than a multicoloured neon tracksuit. Except for a mullet, which this kid also has. AND he has a turtleneck! He’s like the decade of the 80s combined in one kid.

6. This isn’t what I asked for

I don’t know what the aim was here when this young lady’s parents took her to the salon, but I hope they got their money back. Whatever it was supposed to be, I can guarantee it wasn’t supposed to look like that.


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