12 Hilarious Photos That Prove The Wind Has A Sense Of Humor

12 Hilarious Photos That Prove The Wind Has A Sense Of Humor


While this is funny, there’s an unfortunate groundskeeper somewhere who has to clean all this up! Poor guy…


The wind clearly has a wicked sense of humor, but sometimes that humor is just downright cruel!

That person probably worked really hard to avoid hitting something while he was parking!


These poor people were probably hoping for a nice, calm day of parasailing, but the wind was not having it!

The wind clearly didn’t want them to have a good time!


The wind hates umbrellas. This fact gets proven everytime someone opens an umbrella when it’s windy.

Just take your umbrella and put it in the bin… That’s where it’ll end up anyway!


Ok, admittedly, wind damage can be pretty funny from time to time.

Take this windy day photo for example. I’m no expert, but I don’t think is where the trampoline belongs!



Finally, who can forget Chloe Ferry’s famous wind-induced ‘towel malfunction’? What the heck!

Okay, while this photo may not be as funny as the others, it’s still pretty impressive.

I just hope no one got hurt!

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