12 Gross Things People Have Been Caught Doing On Aeroplanes - Aunty Acid Buzz

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Flying isn’t exactly fun for anyone, being crammed into an oversized tin can with a bunch of strangers and propelled through the air at 500mph is not my idea of a good time. That’s why we try to be nice to our fellow passengers and make the experience as pleasant as it physically can be for everyone. Unless, of course, you’re these 12 people who have pushed the boundaries of aeroplane etiquette to the limits. Buckle in, lift your tray tables and make note of the exit procedure as we fly through these 12 disgusting aeroplane antics.

1. The nose knows!

If you really need your nose hairs trimmed for your holiday THAT badly, maybe you should do it before you get to the airport. Just an idea.

2. Leaving nothing to the imagination

It’s awesome when you get to your seat and realise that you’ve basically got a whole row to yourself, so why not make the most of it? Just don’t go showing the whole plane what you’ve got under your dress in the process!

3. Diaper drama

I know that when you gotta go you gotta go but this is ridiculous! I mean it’s bad enough when somebody lets rip a stinky fart on a plane, but a whole dirty diaper? Just stop! And please, PLEASE tell me you didn’t change the baby on the food tray or I will be sick!

4. There’s comfortable and then there’s this

This guy has really made himself at home! He’ll have the flight attendants bring him his pipe and slippers next!

5. Arm rests? Or foot rests?

This guy just doesn’t care about anybody’s personal space. I really hope nobody had to sit in that seat or they’ll be dealing with cheesy foot smell for the whole flight.

6. There are bathrooms, people!

Apparently the trip to the toilet was just too much for this lazy loser! How nice of them to leave this for the cleaning crew to deal with, too. Why would you do this?!


Now I understand forgetting things on the plane, but how do you lose your teeth and not realise it? Somebody’s gonna be in trouble when they go for a snack later!

8. Bag it up!

Okay so I know this dangerous behaviour wasn’t covered in the pre-flight demonstration but I thought we all realised it was a bad idea! Did you leave your common sense back in the terminal?

9. Baby mama drama!

Well now I’ve seen everything. Somebody’s either had some very good news or some very bad news but either way they had to get it at 30,000 feet!

10. Please store all inflatables in the overhead bins

How did they get this one past security?


I hope you weren’t planning on watching any movies today because there’s only one showing for the whole flight. That movie is Hair. On repeat. For the whole trip.

12. Joining the mile high club

If you wanna join the mile high club at least have the common decency to keep it to yourself! Nobody wants to find THAT when they go to use the bathroom after you, thanks!

Have you ever seen any gross passenger behaviour when you’ve been on a flight? Let us know in the comments!