20 Photos That Were Taken at EXACTLY the Right Time

20 Photos That Were Taken at EXACTLY the Right Time

I think we’ve probably all taken photos where we thought ‘how did I even do that?!’. The beauty of social media is that we get to see other people’s photos too!

Check out these amazing pictures that were captured just at the right moment.

1. A deer friend

Dog Deer

This little guy had his picture taken at just the right moment that he appears to have grown a pretty impressive pair of antlers!

2. Yorkies, 2 for the price of 1!

Two Headed Dog

Did you ever see the cartoon show ‘CatDog’ in the 90s? It was about a cat and a dog that were stuck together at the butt. This is kinda like that, but with 2 dogs instead. DogDog?

3. Owl always love you

Owl Man Wedding

This feathered friend looks mighty fine in his wedding day suit. The cameraman doesn’t look so please though – duck and cover!

4. Flutter by


He might struggle to get about as much as he used, but this senior is about to flap his wings and fly away. Such beautiful artwork!

5. Long-range weapon

A Long Leak

If what appears to be happening in this photo was actually happening, that would be some impressive range!

6. Cat got your tongue?

A Hungry Cat

It looks like this kitty has bitten off more than it can chew, but don’t worry – it’s just an illusion.

7. Armed and dangerous

One Long Hand

It took me a little while to figure out what was going on here. What’s he doing under the table, looking for scraps?!

8. A zebra for Debra 

Zebra Lady

This isn’t a real zebra, but with that coat overlapping how it is, this woman looks like some kind of zebra centaur!

9. It’s all gone to pot

Three Legs

With her tights being the color that they are, it took me a while to realise that this woman doesn’t actually have 3 legs.

10.Giraffe to?

A Rare Breed

This perfectly-aligned photo makes it look like we have encountered some rare two-headed breed of giraffe. That’s a whole lot of neck!


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