11 Texting Behaviours That People Use When They’re Lying To You

11 Texting Behaviours That People Use When They’re Lying To You

Sometimes, when people are lying to you they’ll avoid talking to your face because they think they’re going to get caught out. It’s at times like these, when your only communication with these people is over text, that you need to take a look at what they’re typing and what it really means. We’ve found 11 texting behaviours that could help you catch someone you know in a lie.

1. Turning the tables on you

If you catch a liar out then they’ll often try to deflect from themselves and try to make you feel guilty about what you’ve said. They’re trying to stop you from asking questions, so don’t let it work!

2. Complaining

This trick goes all the way back to our schooldays when we used to pretend we were sick to get out of school. They think you won’t push them for answers if you feel sorry for them because they feel like crap.

3. Taking their time to write a reply

If they’re taking a long time to write their reply when they’re normally quite quick, they could be editing their response to you to make it more convincing or edit out incriminating facts.

4. Testing out your reaction

If they don’t give you a solid reply but try to figure out what your reaction is going to be first, chances are they’re not going to be truthful in their answers. They’re just telling you what you want to hear.

5. Tricky wording

Notice that this person hasn’t said that they absolutely will do the report? That’s because they know they won’t but are trying to let you down gently. Try to get a solid answer out of them.

6. They ignore your question entirely

Okay, this isn’t an outright lie, but they’re avoiding telling you the truth which probably means you’re not going to like what you hear.


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