11 Psychological Issues That Could Be Caused By Bad Parenting

11 Psychological Issues That Could Be Caused By Bad Parenting

Parenting is hard work and I don’t think there’s a single person in the world that can claim that they are the perfect parent. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but as a parent you hope that your mistakes won’t bring any misfortune to your kids. It’s a lot of pressure, trying to raise a child to be a good person.

But unfortunately, as parents we have to acknowledge that our behaviours can have an effect on our children, even if we try our very best. We’ve found eleven psychological problems that can result from bad parenting techniques, so we can try to avoid them as we navigate the turbulent waters of being parenting.

1. Yelling a lot

Being in a house where there’s a lot of shouting and yelling going on can be very damaging to a child, especially if the yelling comes from arguments between their parents. Yelling can make your child feel frightened and like they’re not safe in their own home, which leads to further anxiety in later life.

2. Ignoring your child’s need to be close to you

Children can be sensitive and need to feel a sense of closeness with their parent when they’re upset. If you ignore this urge or tell your little one to stop crying or acting like a baby, they could feel unloved and keep their emotions bottled up as they grow older. Let’s just hug it out, shall we?

3. Being overprotective

Kids have to spread their wings and learn to cope on their own sometimes, even if it is difficult as a parent to give them their much needed space. But if you don’t let their children have some independence when they need it, you could find that they become clingy and keep on relying on you for everything.

4. Trust Issues

Kids listen to what their parents say, so if you tell your kids not to trust anybody, they’re not going to feel very trusting. Try to keep your own trust issues with other people away from your kids, let them find out about trust for themselves. Oh, and for those worrywarts out there, the child in this gif fell onto a safety mat, you can trust me on that!

5. Being overbearing

Similar to being overprotective, being overbearing can result in a clingy child. Give your child some alone time when they need them and they’ll develop a sense of independence and give you a minute of quiet time too! It’s a win-win situation!

6. Not allowing your child to date

Come on, we’re all adults here, we all know that dating is going to happen when our children get older. Forbidding your child from dating is only going to lead to them going behind your back when they find that special someone or struggling to form relationships at all. Either way, they’re going to resent you for it.


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