10 Years After Having Acid Thrown In Her Face, This Aspiring Model Has Made A Massive Recovery

10 Years After Having Acid Thrown In Her Face, This Aspiring Model Has Made A Massive Recovery

Most of us have gone through a bad break up, and most of us are lucky that those break ups never turned nasty or even violent.

But sadly, for some people that’s a risk when they break up with someone who was an all around bad match for them.

Love can make us do crazy things, but if those things are done out of hate, revenge, or anger, it’s not out of love and they clearly never loved you.

If they did, they wouldn’t have done that.

Sadly, Katie Piper’s ex proved that he never loved her when he turned to violence after their break up.

When she was younger, Katie was an aspiring model, but a bad break up with her boyfriend changed her life completely.

Katie met her ex-boyfriend through Facebook back in early 2008. David Lynch claimed to be a Mixed Martial Arts expert, and since Katie was working as ring girl, and the fact that they had 30 mutual friends, she accepted his friend request.

She was use to the sleazy type of man who only wanted her as their ‘trophy wife’ and she thought David would be different.

They soon began seeing one another regularly, and Katie was absolutely smitten with David despite his odd behaviour.

On their first date, he insisted on escorting Piper to the bathroom, and, when they weren’t together, he bombarded her with incessant messages and calls.

A week into their relationship, David told Katie he loved her and opened up about his difficult life. This made her feel sorry for him, but she also started to think something was very wrong with him.

As the relationship continued, David became more and more aggressive towards her.

One time he became angry when a waiter at a doughnut shop called her ‘darling’. This  prompted Katie to dump him after just two weeks whilst they were out shopping together.

David requested that they spend the rest of the day together and booked a hotel room for that night.

She really should have said no to that idea.

They had a lovely dinner together, but once they were in the elevator things started to turn nasty.

He turned to Katie and said: “You’re not even all that in the flesh, are you?” Once they were in the hotel room, David tried to get intimate, but Katie refused. David then forced himself onto her and threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone.

Sadly that wasn’t the end to his reign of terror.

A few days afterwards David told her to go to a cafe’s wifi to read an email he sent her (her internet at home was broken). But on her way to the coffee shop, Katie saw a man with a coffee cup.

He approached her, and suddenly threw the liquid in her face. Unfortunately it wasn’t coffee… It was acid.

Katie said it was an “explosion of agony” as the acid melted her skin.

“I heard a horrible screaming sound, like an animal being slaughtered. Then I realised it was coming from me.”

Katie was later induced into a coma for 12 days and went through a total of 40 surgical operations. When she saw her face for the first time, she was absolutely horrified.

Thankfully Katie came to terms with her injuries.

“I had the worst injuries the medical team had ever seen. They sliced away my entire face, removing the dead and burned skin.”

In order to try and smooth her skin, Katie wore a plastic mask for 23 hours a day.

Katie didn’t want to stay silent in her horrifying ordeal, and decided to make something good out of her horrifying experience.

She wanted to raise awareness for the treatment of burns victims, and so she waived her right to anonymity.

Katie was later featured in a documentary on Channel 4 titled Katie: My Beautiful Face and soon established the Katie Piper Foundation, which aims to raise awareness for those with burns and disfiguring injuries.

Katie has finally got her happily ever after now. She married her boyfriend, Richard Sutton in 2015.

He’s stayed by her side throughout the countless hours of surgery and medical appointments.

They have one daughter, and are expecting their second child soon.

Katie’s incredible story has inspired millions across the globe. 

Despite the drastic change to her appearance and life, it’s also brought her a lot of amazing opportunities she probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

She has even gone on to do a talk with Ted-Talks, which is a very impressive thing to do!

Thankfully it just goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining.

If you’re dating someone with worrying behaviours, or if your going through a bad breakup that you believe could go violent don’t stay silent.

Contact the police, or even a friend or family member.

Don’t suffer in silence.

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