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Some people claim that they don’t like sweets. Personally speaking, I don’t trust people who say crazy things like this. Have they no enjoyment in their life?

I have trouble accepting that such a person exists in all honestly.

I know I have a crazy sweet tooth at times. On a scale to 1 to 10 on the sweet tooth scale, I’m a 14!

My fellow sweets lover and I can find any excuse to stuff our faces with cookies, cake, ice cream, and you name it.

Here are 10 telltale signs that prove you have a serious sweet tooth.

Hopefully this list doesn’t make you too hungry!

You’ve eaten cookies first thing in the morning.

You’ve literally rolled out of bed and gone straight to your kitchen and eaten a cookie or another sugary biscuit before you’ve even made your first cup of coffee, before even brushing your teeth. Cookies are life!

You always order French toast for brunch.

Ok, it isn’t always french toast. You also order pancakes or waffles. While your friends are talking about how they just can’t eat sweet stuff in the morning, you’re asking for more maple syrup.

You fly Delta for the Biscoff cookies.

Biscoff cookies are life.

The concept that a cake could be too rich doesn’t compute.

“Too rich” means “enough chocolate”.

You even eat fortune cookies.

Nobody actually likes fortune cookies. But at the end of the meal at a Chinese restaurant, you need a sweet treat to reward yourself, and what better treat is there than a fortune cookie?

You ask “what’s for dessert?” after breakfast.

If you opted for a savory breakfast  (or  if you didn’t)  you’ll obviously need something sweet to follow it.

You ask, “what’s for dessert?” after lunch.

Because obviously, you will be having lunch dessert too!

You drink coffee so you can dunk biscotti in it.

Let’s be honest, nothing is better than dunking cookies into your coffee. Biscotti is the only reason you’re drinking bitter coffee anyway!

You believe it’s your right to eat chocolate every day.

Chocolate’s taste, in some cases even good for you! Without it, you go crazy!

You typically eat ice cream by the pint.

There isn’t anything wrong with that!

You’ve brought a cookie, or a couple dozen, into bed with you.

You want the last moment of your day, before you nod off to sleep, to be filled with delicious cookies. It’s the perfect recipe for sweet dreams.

You’re not over the cupcake trend.

But let’s be honest, you’ll never be over that trend! I love cupcakes!

I don’t know about you guys but I’m hungry after reading this list!

Perhaps I’ll quickly go to the shop to do a quick sweet treat haul?

Do you have a sweet tooth and if so, what’s your favourite sweet treat?

Let us know in the comment sections, as always we love hearing your thoughts and opinions!

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