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Who doesn’t love a good riddle! There’s something about not knowing the answer to something, when your brain is working extra hard, that people just love!

If you’re one of those folks, you must have been raised on magic eye pictures, wordsearches and of course spot the difference when you were a kid!

I used to love those cartoon images, where you had two slightly different versions, and they gave you the amount of things that were different to spot!

Well it turns out that they do the same thing for adults, and MAN are they difficult!

Prepare to have your mind well and truly boggled by these tricky pictures and puzzles! See how many you can get right before your brain starts oozing out of your ears!

Okay, let me start you out with an easy one for all you puzzle buffs

I’m not even going to give you any hints for this one, I know you’re better than that!

Here’s a slightly tougher example!

But I know if you’re a seasoned spotter of differences you’ll solve this one with no problems. So, ready to take a step up? Of course you are!

Check out these two photos of Mann’s Chinese Theater: they’re not the same… but how?

Do you give up? Well it’s still early days yet, so I’m not gonna give you the complete solution to this one. Sorry! But a clue? Now that I can do for you… are you sure all of the windows are present and correct? And I mean ALL of them.

Take a look at these two photos of some machinery

Same thing, right? Well this is spot the difference, so you’re wrong. Here’s a hint for you: if you don’t get this one right, man have you got a screw loose!

Like all the best spot the differences, there’s a lot going on to distract you in this busy picture

It’s a little crazy, but the difference is pretty simple. Got it yet? Really? You still didn’t get it? Oh well okay then, there’s only one difference, and it’s something to do with the spaceship… ah, NOW you got it! That doesn’t count if you needed a hint!

Check out this Disney Land scene!

Now if you’re thinking that they’re both the same photo, you obviously don’t get how this works yet. But I’ve got to admit, with so much to look at and check, this is definitely a tough one. There’s no shame if you didn’t get it right… fine, why don’t you just make sure that Mickey Mouse is definitely the same on the left and on the right?

Once you’ve spotted the difference between the real Mona Lisa on the left and the impostor, it’s hard NOT to see it

But while you’re still LEFT in the DARK… well, you’d struggle to tell which is real and which is fake. You’d never make it as an art forger!

This is a famous painting by Salvador Dali

It’s also made a classic spot the difference that will keep you guessing for hours! Hmm… The two scenes outside look identical, with no ships mysteriously appearing in the harbor. The female figure seems the same too… so do her clothes, and the curtain… but what about her little friend?

Here are two versions of The Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road album cover

One is the original, one was censored and contains five irregularities. Here’s a clue to help you see two of them… look at Paul very closely. Don’t know which Beatle Paul is? Then I can’t help you any further, ya weirdo!

Okay, here’s another one to wind you down with

Sure, the birds are pretty obvious… but you’re sure there was nothing else about the picture on the right different to the one on the left?

This one’s the easiest out of all of these! Simply tell us how many legs the elephant has!

Not as easy as you first thought, right? The simple fact is this one is an illusion, there’s really no answer, since it seem like the only legs actually attached to this elephant is it’s back leg!

Sometimes it’s all about perspective!

From our point of view, there are definitely 4 planks, but from A’s point of view, it looks like 3! Which is the real answer?

Did you enjoy having your brain teased? Which are your favorite spot the difference puzzles? We would love to know how you got on, so please leave a COMMENT, but try not to give away spoilers for everybody else trying to enjoy the puzzle! Feel free to SHARE these pictures with your friends and family to see how well they do compared with you!