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They say you can sell anything with the right advertising. Even coffee.

I know right! Maybe you wouldn’t have thought that something like coffee would need to be advertised all that much. But it turns out that stuff really does need marketing sometimes! Whoever would have thought it?

Just because they’re selling something pretty much everybody wants, coffee shops still do creative things to sell their wares.

But it doesn’t stop some coffee shops really going the extra mile and convincing people passing by to stop in for a cup! Here are some of the sassiest coffee shop signs we’ve seen on the pavements of the world.

Now that we have your attention…

If anyone else out there is like me, and it seems like you run entirely on caffeine and inappropriate thoughts too, we might just have found our perfect hangout.

Getting up in the morning is hard without coffee

OK great, now where’s my medal? And my coffee, of course. But I’m serious about the medal, I’m pretty certain I deserve one. I’ll just pick it up with my drink.

Start the week the right way

I would say I need this sign in my house, but I think a tattoo would be more appropriate at this point. Coffee is the only way left to convince myself into doing things I don’t want to do.

The chef’s specials board is kinda similar

I feel like I need a coffee in a cup the size of a soup bowl some days too. We all know that coffee is the largest and only food group. It comes bottom of the food pyramid and appears lots of times on its way to the top!

One of ‘those’ coffee shops, I guess

You know, the type that they have in Amsterdam? There’s a part of me that really hopes that those two things are coffee and cocaine. It’s been that kinda morning.

With jokes like these, who needs coffee?

A hipster in a coffee shop? Yeah right, I’ll believe it when I see it! Has anybody ever seen such thing as a hipster in a coffee shop in their life?

Hey, steady on now, Satan

Those kids will probably be so hepped up on caffeine and kitties they won’t sleep for months. Then I’ll need lots of coffee in order to keep up with them. I guess that’s an evil but ingenious example of supply-and-demand marketing they’ve made here.

The only way I can cope with rude people is with coffee

They say manners don’t cost a thing… and in this case, they actually save you money! Begs the question how much saying “Good morning, how are you? One coffee, please” means your drink would cost. It would be like bartering with politeness.

Amma let you finish your coffee

Hey wow, you’re really passionate about that stuff then! The baristas here say the greatest pain in life is they can never drink their own coff- oh, wait, they can.

Could you at least take a stab at it?

No? Okay sure, that’s your call, coffee shop. You can really feel the excitement and the buzz around this place. Maybe they need some more caffeine in the drinks they serve to perk them up a little!

Hating your co-workers should be done with enthusiasm!

Coffee helps, but it doesn’t have magical powers. It won’t actually improve my mood, it just increases my tolerance levels for idiots, that’s all.

Hey, Clark Kent!

But what if the real Superman comes by and needs a refill? I guess everyone feels like Superman once they’ve had their morning brew. Behind every successful person is a crapload of coffee strong enough so that the spoon stands up in the cup!

So, if you’ve ever wondered why you’re not somebody’s cup of tea… maybe it’s because they drink coffee. Life begins after your morning cup, so follow the signs and grab yourself a pick-me-up! Always remember, if somebody asks you how you take your coffee, tell them that you take it seriously. Very seriously indeed.

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