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I am a lazy person.

There I said it… I’m sorry if this news shocked any of you, but I had to confess to it. I love being lazy.

After a long day of work or just doing a lot of things, I can’t think of anything better than doing nothing at all!

Seriously, can you think of nothing better? I know I can’t!

But if there was something better to be done other than being lazy, I don’t think I’d do it… That would involve having to do something.

But being lazy isn’t all fun and games. It can be a struggle at times.

Here are a few honest struggles every lazy person will understand.

Pyjama days are a thing

Some days just don’t require wearing real clothes.

The best thing about pyjama days is that once you’re committed to them, there’s no going back!

Nothing can come between you and your comfy pair of pjs, not even a trip to the shop! Let’s be honest, no one rocks a dalmatian-print onesie in the biscuit aisle quite like you.

You ignore texts for days on end, until you can be bothered to reply

Everyone you know has accepted this fact. They may not like that you do it, but they understand it’s who you are.

Half your salary goes shopping for food. 

Ordering food in is rather expensive, but it means you don’t have to cook, or do the dishes, or talk to people because you can do it all with an app these days!

Change the remote batteries are hell

To avoid having to change the batteries, you press the remote buttons extra hard instead because you’re feeling extra lazy.

When that stops working, you ditch the remote and change the channels straight from the TV, because that’s less effort than wandering around looking for batteries.

When you eventually get round to changing the batteries, you steal the batteries from the remote in your parents bedroom because it’s easier than buying new batteries.

You wish your pet could make you cups of coffee

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself fantasising about a world where you can train your dog to bring you things.

But that’s sadly not going to happen because you can barely managed to train yourself… So, training your dog seems unlikely.

Decorated with stacks of laundry

Your room is beautifully decorated with stacks of laundry that you couldn’t be bothered to put away.

Your outfit choices are often based on what’s already out.

If it was good enough to wear last week, it’s good enough to wear this week too. 

Washing dishes is your idea as hell

Washing dishes requires a lot of effort you do not have. Thankfully you have a dishwasher, all you have to do is try and load and unload it!

You’re always late

Not because you were super busy, or doing anything in fact.

Your always late because it took 3 hours to persuade yourself to get out off the sofa.

Naps are life

You live for your little naps. They’re little slices of heaven rolled up in a duvet!

The sofa is your favourite family member

The sofa doesn’t judge you for spending all day in front of the TV, in fact your sofa prefers it.

It’s just the two of you and that’s how it should be!

When we finally have an occasional productive day (which does happen) we tell everyone we know about it, and then we reward ourselves with another 4 or 5 days off. 

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